How to Choose the Best Broom for Dog Hair Complete Guide

Are you tired of dealing with dog hair on your floors? You’re not alone! It can be difficult for pet owners to find the perfect broom for regularly ridding their home of excess fur.

In this article, you’ll discover the ultimate guide to finding the perfect broom for your pup’s furry fallout.

Are you looking for ways to make cleaning up dog hair easier? Whether you have a large house or a small apartment, you want to make sure that your home is not only a place of comfort for yourself and your family, but also an inviting space for your furry friends. Choosing the right broom can help make quick work of daily tasks such as sweeping up fur balls and dirt. Purchasing the incorrect type of broom, however, might leave you frustrated when it comes to cleaning different surfaces.

In this guide, we will teach you how to select the best broom for pet hair. We will explain the features and characteristics to look for in your search, provide tips on what type of new broom or dustpan might best suit your needs as a pet parent – and highlight some final considerations before purchasing. After reading this article, you should be confident knowing that you have chosen the best tool for quick and easy cleaning up after man’s best friend!

Types of Brooms

When it comes to selecting the best broom for pet hair removal, there are a number of different types available on the market. It is important to understand the differences in the various types of brooms, as this will help you make an informed decision regarding which type will be best suited to your needs. The following are some of the more popular types of brooms:

  1. Push Brooms – Push brooms have bristles that are firmly attached to a stiff handle and are designed for larger areas requiring vigorous sweeping. They work well at pushing and gathering dog fur away from surfaces and provide great coverage over long stretches.
  2. Angle Brooms – Angle brooms have angled heads that allow for better maneuverability around furniture or tight corners. Their bristles can be softer than those on push brooms, and their smaller size makes them ideal for reaching under furniture or cleaning hard-to-reach areas.
  3. Dust Pans – Dust pans make it easy to quickly scoop up pet hair without disturbing any dust or debris that may have accumulated in your area. They come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose one that fits your space perfectly and allows you maximize your efficiency while cleaning up pet fur messes quickly and easily.
  4. Upright Vacuums – Upright vacuums are perfect for quickly removing large amounts of pet fur from carpets or other flooring surfaces with minimal effort required on your part. They can be expensive depending on their model and wattage, but they are worth investing in if you have pets as they will save you time while efficiently removing pet hair from surfaces with minimal effort needed on your part.

Traditional Brooms

Traditional brooms are almost a staple cleaning tool for most households. Brooms made of twisted strands of straw, twigs, and synthetic materials typically provide decent coverage and can handle many day-to-day cleanups. Traditional brooms are available in a variety of sizes and styles to handle different applications, however they are not as effective at picking up thick hair or debris as other broom types on the market.

When considering traditional brooms for pet hair removal, choose broom heads with thick twisting material that can quickly break up thicker particles like dog hair and pull them up into the bristles. Also ensure that the broom has enough stiffness to effectively comb the bristles through possible tangles of pet hair stuck in carpet fibers or other piles on the floor. For choice and quality, choose an experienced manufacturer that specializes in traditional broom making and offers a wide selection; consider purchasing several items to suit various cleaning needs whether indoors or outdoors.

Rubber Brooms

Rubber brooms are an excellent tool for removing pet hair from surfaces, as the flexible bristles can reach into carpet fibers and draw out stubborn fur. These brooms feature stiff, bristly rubber-like fibers head on a plastic or wood handle. When you are done sweeping, all you have to do is rinse off the rubber, then hang to dry.

Rubber brooms are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and they can be used on any surface: carpets, tile, wood floors, and more. Best of all, wider heads make it easier to cover large areas in one pass — and they won’t scratch your furniture!

When choosing a rubber broom for dog hair, look for one with medium-length bristles made of durable material that can stand up to a good amount of wear and tear. If you own multiple pets with different types of fur (e.g., long hair and short fur) choose a broom head with two differently sized heads so you can efficiently tackle multiple animals’ coat types at once.

With the proper storage practices — hang or store away in a closet after each use — this type of broom should last for several months before needing replaced.

Push Brooms

Push brooms offer an affordable and effective way to manage pet hair in low-pile carpets and hard floors. The long bristles help push pet hair deeper into the carpet or away from a flat surface.

Push brooms are typically made from PVC, carpet, or rubber bristles for different surfaces and cleaning projects. Push brooms are available as clog-resistant models or with adjustable sweeping angles for various floor surfaces, such as tile or hardwood.

When using a push broom on carpeted floors, it is important to ensure that the bristles are not too soft or too stiff in order to pick up the most extensive variety of pet hair without damaging delicate carpets.

Vacuum Brooms

Vacuum brooms are a modern convenience that can make tackling the clean-up of pet hair much less of a chore. While it is possible to buy full-size vacuums made specifically for pet hair, there are more compact options available. Vacuum broom products are ideal for those who want the power of a vacuum to help ease the clean-up of pet fur, but don’t want bother with storing and carrying around a large appliance.

The biggest advantage to vacuum broom products is their ability to quickly suck away large amounts of fur in one go. With some models providing up to 4500 vpm (vacuums per minute) in power, these brooms can eliminate stubborn fur from carpets, rugs and hard surfaces in just a few passes. This allows you to get through your cleaning faster, so you don’t have to spend too long tediously picking up stray strands of fur by hand.

Another benefit of using a vacuum broom is that most models come with attachments or accessories designed specifically for getting into tight or hard-to-reach spots. Most also offer different settings that allow you adjust the amount suction going out, depending on what type surface you’re working on – ideal if you have a mix of both carpeted and wood floors in your home.

Though they may not be as powerful as full size vacuums dedicated dog groomers, vacuum broom products provide an excellent solution for battling pet hair at home and can mean significantly less time spent scrubbing every patch of flooring by hand!

III. Factors to Consider

There are a few important factors to consider when selecting a broom to clean up dog hair. These will help you make sure that you are choosing the right tool for your needs.

Size of Your Dog: The size of your dog will play an important role in determining which broom is best for pet hair. If you have a larger breed, like a German Shepherd, it may be helpful to obtain a stiffer, wider-bristled broom with longer bristles than if you had a smaller breed, like a Chihuahua. Extra-wide brooms can make it easier to pick up more hair in fewer sweeps.

Type and Texture of Hair: The type and texture of your dog’s hair will also affect which type of broom is best for cleaning up pet hair. A softer-bristled broom may be better suited for fine or silky hair, whereas stiffer and longer bristles can help reach deeply into carpets and pull up more fur from denser fur coats.

Your Home’s Flooring: Different types on flooring require different types of brooms. Brooms with soft bristles are ideal for hardwood floors as they won’t scratch the wood surface while sweeping, while thicker bristles are great at gathering dirt that has settled deep into carpets and rugs fiber threads.

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When choosing the best broom for dog hair, one of the most important factors to consider is the type of bristles. Natural fibers, like coconut, will work best for removing pet fur from carpeting and upholstery. For larger surfaces such as hardwood and tile, synthetic bristles are an ideal choice. On some types of surfaces — such as wood and laminate — a broom made with stiff plastic bristles will be most effective.

For small or confined spaces, an angled broom may be your best bet — these are made with a variety of bristle materials and usually have short handles that make reaching into tight corners easier. When it comes to outdoor areas like patios, driveways or gardens, tough plastic-bristled brooms can handle most debris and dirt very effectively.

Size and Shape of the Head

The size and shape of the broom head, as well as its bristles, are two of the most important factors to consider when choosing a broom for collecting dog hair. A larger broom head with long, stiff bristles works best for thicker and longer pet hair than a smaller or softer bristle broom. Brooms with angled heads can help you reach farther into fur to capture more dog hair in one sweep.

Consider brooms made from natural fibers like coconut or horsehair, which work better than those made from plastic or synthetic materials at grabbing pet fur and dust. Finally, look for angled heads that can get into tight corners more easily and help provide a deeper clean.

Handle Length and Material

The length of handle is an important consideration when choosing the best broom for picking up dog hair. It should be long enough to enable you to reach the area, but not so long that it becomes unwieldy and difficult to maneuver. Handles can be made from a range of materials, such as wood, metal or plastic/synthetic, and each provides different benefits for a specific job.

Soft woods like pine are yet another choice for broom handles which offer an inexpensive option suitable for light duty work. Hardwood handles tend to last longer, but are more expensive. Metal handles are not only strong and durable, but won’t succumb to rot and insect damage like their wooden alternatives may do over time. Plastic/synthetic handles are lightweight and can be found at most stores in just about any length imaginable – making them great choices for a variety of needs.


This guide has discussed the features you should consider when picking a broom that’s best suited to sweeping up pet hair. Bear in mind that brooms come in a variety of types and shapes, so choose one that fits your needs and preferences best.

To minimize pet hair build-up, sweep regularly and ensure your home is clean and tidy all the time. A broom with stiff bristles or a small vacuum cleaner specifically designed for pet hair are some other options available to you.

No matter which type of broom or cleaning tool you choose, put a little extra time into carefully vacuuming or sweeping pet hair can make a big improvement in the air quality of your home. Rubber Broom Carpet Rake Pet Hair Remover Broom with Squeegee  Extension Push Broom for Carpet Hardwood Floor Tile Windows Cleaning :  Health & Household


What type of broom is best for pet hair?

A broom with soft, flexible bristles is best for pet hair as it will be able to sweep up hair without scratching or damaging surfaces. A broom with an electrostatic charge or one designed specifically for pet hair may also be effective.

Are rubber brooms good for dog hair?

Yes, rubber brooms can be very effective for picking up dog hair as the rubber bristles create an electrostatic charge that attracts and holds onto hair.

What picks up dog hair the best?

Vacuum cleaners with powerful suction and a motorized brush attachment are generally the best at picking up dog hair. Additionally, lint rollers, rubber brooms, and some types of sticky tape can also be effective.

How do you remove pet hair from a broom?

To remove pet hair from a broom, you can use a rubber glove, lint roller, or a clean cloth to wipe the bristles. Alternatively, you can rinse the broom with water and allow it to air dry.

What are the three types of brooms?

The three types of brooms are traditional brooms, push brooms, and angled brooms. Traditional brooms are typically used for indoor sweeping, while push brooms are designed for outdoor use. Angled brooms are often used for reaching tight spaces and corners.

Does dog hair stick to rubber?

Yes, dog hair can stick to rubber due to the electrostatic charge created by the material. Rubber brooms are often used specifically for pet hair removal because of this property.

What is the best thing for dog hair on tile?

A vacuum cleaner with a motorized brush attachment is the best option for removing dog hair from tile floors. Additionally, a rubber broom or a damp mop can also be effective.

How do you brush a hairy dog?

When brushing a hairy dog, use a slicker brush or a comb with closely spaced teeth to gently remove tangles and mats. Brush in the direction of hair growth and take care not to apply too much pressure or tug on the dog’s skin.

How do I keep my house dog hair free?

To keep your house dog hair free, vacuum regularly, brush your dog frequently, and use a lint roller or rubber glove to remove hair from furniture and clothing. Additionally, consider using washable or easily cleaned bedding and avoiding carpets or rugs.

How can I make my house dog hair free?

In addition to vacuuming, brushing, and using hair removal tools, consider using air purifiers with HEPA filters to remove pet dander and hair from the air. Regularly washing your dog’s bedding and keeping their grooming up-to-date can also help to reduce the amount of hair in your home.

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