Best vacuum for shag rugs 2023

Are you ready to take your shag rug game to the next level in 2023? Look no further than this comprehensive buying guide for the best vacuum for shag rugs. We’ve scoured the market for sturdy, durable models that will offer long-term performance and great value for your money – all so you can keep your living space looking its very best. Ready to get vacuuming? Let’s get started!

Best vacuum for shag rugs 2023

  1. Bissell Lightweight Vacuum (Editor’s Pick)
  2. Shark Professional Vacuum (Best Overall)
  3. FABULETTA Cordless Vacuum (Budget Friendly)
  4. Eureka Lightweight Vacuum
  5. Shark Lift-Away Deluxe Vacuum 
  6. Eureka Airspeed Compact Vacuum 
  7. Shark Cordless Pro Vacuum

1) Bissell Lightweight Vacuum

Best vacuum for shag rugs

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The Bissell FeatherWeight Stick Vacuum is notable for its lightweight and compact design. This 2.6-pound cleaning miracle can be carried and manoeuvred with ease, making it ideal for tight places and hard-to-reach corners. Additionally, its bagless design eliminates the need for replacement bags.

Powered Performance

Don’t underestimate its small size! The Bissell FeatherWeight is powerful. With 2033 watts and a precision hand control, this hoover cleans hard floors, carpets and upholstery. The disc filter type used captures dust and dirt, making your home cleaner and healthier.

Effortless Operations

The Bissell FeatherWeight’s touch control makes it easy to operate. Its precise directions for hard floors, carpets, and dual-action approaches make it a versatile solution for any home. This compact yet powerful cleaning tool balances power and practicality with 8.3 inches of length, 9.5 inches of breadth, 44.25 inches of height, and a 0.67-liter capacity.

The Bissell FeatherWeight Stick Vacuum epitomises cleaning effectiveness. Its lightweight design, powerful power, and easy operation make it a top cleaning appliance. The Bissell FeatherWeight will improve your cleaning experience and make keeping your home clean easy.

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Bissell Lightweight Vacuum First Hand Review Video

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  1. Lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver
  2. Powerful motor for effective cleaning
  3. Bagless design saves money on replacement bags
  4. Suitable for a variety of surfaces, including hard floors and carpets
  5. Compact size makes it easy to store in small spaces



specifications Powerful, convenient, and easy to use
Brand Bissell
Special Feature Lightweight, Compact, Bagless
Form Factor Stick

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2) Shark Professional Vacuum

Best vacuum for shag rugs

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Upgrade Your Cleaning Game with Shark Professional Vacuum

Having the appropriate cleaning equipment may make or break a clean home. For a powerful, versatile, and efficient vacuum cleaner, choose the Shark Professional Vacuum. This article discusses the qualities and benefits of this best cleaning companion.

Unlock Superior Cleaning Efficiency

The Shark Professional Vacuum is a cleaning powerhouse that meets all your needs. Its 30-foot power cord allows you clean huge areas without continually seeking for outlets. No more interrupted cleaning—just clean.

Smooth Design and Great Performance

Shark, a leading cleaning product manufacturer, made this hoover, which performs well and looks good. A fashionable addition to your home, its sleek white and silver style modernises your cleaning arsenal.

Flexibility at Your Fingertips

This vacuum’s adaptability is amazing. It effortlessly cleans hard floors and carpets with a foam filter and 1200-watt motor. The push-button controller and touch control make switching cleaning modes easy. Its instructions for pet hair, carpets, hard surfaces, and bare floors make it a reliable solution for every family.

Move Easily

Shark Professional Vacuums are 14.96 inches long, 11.4 inches wide, and 45.5 inches tall for your convenience. It’s lightweight (13.7 pounds) and easy to move around your home, reaching every nook. A generous 2.2-quart capacity means you won’t empty the trash often.

Cleaning Partner You Trust

Shark Professional Vacuums are reliable and effective, imported and proud floorcare department members. You can trust it to keep your home clean and inviting.

In conclusion, the Shark Professional Vacuum is a powerful, versatile, and stylish vacuum cleaner. This amazing cleaning buddy makes cleaning easy and professional-level. Never settle for less than the finest.

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Shark Professional Vacuum First Hand Review Video

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  1. Long power cord for extended reach
  2. Foam filter type for efficient cleaning
  3. Suitable for cleaning hard floors and carpets
  4. Large capacity means less frequent emptying
  5. Sleek and modern design adds style to your cleaning routine



Brand Shark
Special Feature 30 feet power cord
Form Factor Upright
Color White/Silver

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3) FABULETTA Cordless Vacuum

Best vacuum for shag rugs

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Avoid cords and enjoy a smooth cleaning experience. The cordless Fabuletta Cordless Vacuum frees you from wires. With a high-performance battery and a stick vacuum design, this cleaning wizard lets you move freely throughout your home. No more cord snagging, just uninterrupted cleaning.

Marvel Lightweight

The 4lb Fabuletta Cordless Vacuum is your lightweight cleaning partner. Its light weight lets you carry it about the house without strain. No more carrying hefty vacuums up and down stairs—this vacuum’s portability redefines convenience.

HEPA Filter: Allergen Defence

In an era of air quality, the Fabuletta Cordless Vacuum is uncompromising. With a HEPA filter, it protects against tiny pollutants. This makes it great for allergy and respiratory sufferers. Relax as it traps allergens and dust to keep your home air clean and healthy.

Pest-Repellent Armour

Your home deserves the best dirt and intrusion security. The Fabuletta Cordless Vacuum’s aluminium tick-repellent substance protects your home. This ingenious function protects your home and family from pests.

Longevity and Fast Recharge

The Fabuletta Cordless Vacuum ensures uninterrupted cleaning with a 45-minute runtime and a 4-hour charge. No more mid-clean battery anxiety—enjoy powerful performance throughout.

Compact, quiet operation

A sleek 17.1 inches long, 10.1 inches wide, and 7.2 inches tall, the Fabuletta Cordless Vacuum is small. It slides easily into storage locations to avoid cluttering your home. Furthermore, its 63 dB noise level lets you clean without disturbing family members.

Easy Control

Its intuitive design makes the Fabuletta Cordless Vacuum easy to use. A push-button controller and touch-based control system make switching cleaning modes easy. Easily adjust to different surfaces and problems when cleaning.

In conclusion, the Fabuletta Cordless Vacuum redefines ease, efficiency, and performance with its entire cleaning solution. Enjoy a cleaner, healthier house with this amazing cleaning buddy. The Fabuletta Cordless Vacuum’s unrivalled power will clean pet hair, grime, and other debris. It’s the best cordless hoover for homes and flats nowadays. Make the Fabuletta Cordless Vacuum your cleaning partner for flawless results.

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Fabuletta Cordless Vacuum First Hand Review Video

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  1. Cordless design for easy maneuverability
  2. Lightweight for easy carrying
  3. HEPA filter type traps even the smallest particles
  4. Tick-repellent material helps keep pests at bay
  5. Long runtime of 45 minutes means less frequent charging



Recommended Uses For Product Indoor
Form Factor Stick

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4) Eureka Lightweight Vacuum

Best vacuum for shag rugs

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The Eureka Lightweight Vacuum’s featherlight design is its most notable characteristic. This hoover cleaner weighs 12.3 pounds, making it easy to move around the house. Its portability prevents fatigue when cleaning several rooms or floors. Its sleek upright design and attractive purple colour add refinement to your cleaning routine.

Advanced Home Filtration for Health

The Eureka Lightweight Vacuum cleans and cleanses indoors. Its foam filter catches dust and particles, making your home cleaner and healthier. Eliminate allergies and freshen your home.

Unleash Versatility

This powerhouse transcends surface kind. For soft carpets and shiny hard floors, the Eureka Lightweight Vacuum excels. Its dual-action cleaning technology smoothly transitions across surfaces for a thorough clean every time. Switching cleaning modes has never been easier with push-button and touch controls.

Compact Power

The Eureka Lightweight Vacuum is compact but powerful, measuring 13.78 inches long, 13.4 inches wide, and 44.5 inches tall. Its 1-liter capacity can handle a lot of dirt and particles before emptying. Its 960 watts and 88 dB noise level allow it to clean well without disturbing your home.

Long Range, Easy Access

Plugging and unplugging to clean different regions is over. The Eureka Lightweight Vacuum’s extended power cord allows you clean greater spaces without searching for outlets.

The Eureka Lightweight Vacuum is a game-changer, not simply a vacuum. Its lightweight design, sophisticated filtration, adaptability, and user-friendliness make it ideal for homeowners who want the best. Buy the Eureka Lightweight Vacuum to improve your cleaning game. Say goodbye to boring cleaning rituals and hello to a healthier, more elegant house. Select Eureka for excellence.

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Eureka Lightweight Vacuum First Hand Review Video

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  1. Lightweight design for easy carrying
  2. Suitable for cleaning a variety of surfaces
  3. Dual-action cleaning feature for efficient cleaning
  4. Long power cord for extended reach
  5. Foam filter type for efficient cleaning



Brand Eureka
Recommended Uses For Product Indoor Vacuum
Form Factor Upright
Color Purple


Shark Lift-Away Deluxe Vacuum

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5) Shark Lift-Away Deluxe Vacuum

Best vacuum for shag rugs

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The Shark Lift-Away Deluxe Vacuum has unique lift-away technology. This feature makes detaching the canister easy, making it easy to clean tight spaces. No more struggling to clean tight spaces with this hoover.

Stylish and Compact Design

This upright, elegant cleaning miracle elevates your cleaning routine to new heights. It glides through your home at 15.96 pounds and 14.37 x 11.61 x 26.77 inches. Compact design makes storage easy.

Master Dual-Action Cleaning

The Shark Lift-Away Deluxe Vacuum is a dual-action cleaning genius and attractive. It cleans carpets and hard floors well. This adaptability transforms any family. Its dual-action instructions make it ideal for thorough home cleaning.

Smooth Manoeuvres with Extended Reach

Despite its size, this hoover is manoeuvrable. The lengthy power cord lets you clean greater areas without switching outlets. Your home will sparkle quickly with this time-saving function.

USA-Made or Imported Reliability

This Shark Lift-Away Deluxe Vacuum is reliable and efficient, whether built in the US or imported. It’s a proud floorcare department member designed to keep your floors shiny and your home clean.

Improve Your Cleaning Experience

In conclusion, the Shark Lift-Away Deluxe Vacuum is essential for effortless, fashionable cleaning. Its lift-away technology, dual-action cleaning, and expanded reach make it a remarkable hoover cleaner. Get rid of tedious cleaning jobs with the Shark Lift-Away Deluxe Vacuum. Enjoy effortless cleaning today!

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Shark Lift-Away Deluxe Vacuum First Hand Review Video

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  1. Lift-away technology allows for easy cleaning of hard-to-reach areas
  2. Dual-action cleaning feature for efficient cleaning
  3. Stylish and sleek design adds style to your cleaning routine
  4. Long power cord for extended reach
  5. Made in the USA or imported for reliable quality



Product Dimensions 14.37 x 11.61 x 26.77 inches
Item Weight 15.96 pounds
Department Floorcare

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6) Eureka Airspeed Compact Vacuum

Best vacuum for shag rugs

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The Eureka Airspeed Compact Vacuum redefines convenience with its lightweight and compact design. Its 7.7-pound weight and 12.2″L x 10.63″W x 26.38″H proportions make it glide across your living space. Avoid the hassle of cumbersome vacuums. This hoover is your agile buddy for a clean home.

Elegant Cleaning Assistant

This blue hoover adds elegance to your cleaning routine. Eureka knows aesthetics should not sacrifice functionality. This hoover cleans efficiently and looks good in your home.

Ease of Maintenance

The days of replenishing hoover bags are over. The Eureka Airspeed Compact Vacuum saves money over time by being bagless. Replace bag replacements with a more ecological and affordable cleaning solution.

Washable Filters

Maintaining your hoover has never been simpler. The Eureka Airspeed Compact Vacuum’s reusable foam filter makes cleaning easy. This feature saves time and extends the life of your hoover, keeping it reliable for years.

Versatile Cleaning

Versatility defines this amazing hoover. Dual-action cleaning works well on carpets, hard floors, and upholstery. The push-button controller and touch control make switching cleaning modes easy. With this hoover, you can clean anything.

Minimal Disruption Effective Cleaning

The Eureka Airspeed Compact Vacuum’s 720-watt power is amazing. Its 82 dB noise level ensures a quiet cleaning experience despite its power. You can clean your home easily without disruption.

Large Capacity

This hoover has a large 1.7-liter capacity, reducing emptying. Avoid interruptions when cleaning. The corded power supply lets you clean for long periods without recharging.


Overall, the Eureka Airspeed Compact Vacuum is a top-notch cleaning solution for tiny apartments and households. For effective and affordable cleaning, its lightweight design, bagless operation, washable filters, and various cleaning capabilities make it a standout pick. With the Eureka Airspeed Compact Vacuum, you can achieve effortless cleaning.

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Eureka Airspeed Compact Vacuum First Hand Review Video

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  1. Lightweight and compact for easy maneuverability and storage
  2. Foam filter type is washable for easy cleaning and maintenance
  3. Suitable for cleaning a variety of surfaces
  4. Large capacity means less frequent emptying
  5. Corded electric power source means you can clean for as long as you need to



Brand Eureka
Recommended Uses For Product Carpet, Hard Floor, Upholstery
Special Feature Lightweight, Compact, Bagless, Washable Filter
Form Factor Upright

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7) Shark Cordless Pro Vacuum

Best vacuum for shag rugs

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Shark Cordless Pro Vacuum is a featherweight champion at 12.12 pounds. This lightweight nature makes cleaning easy. Its slim 11.42″L x 7.87″W x 30.51″H proportions make it easy to transport and store in small locations. The dark grey/mojito colour combination makes cleaning stylish and functional.

Air Clean, Pure
Pollution-Free Cleaning, HEPA Filter

This hoover has a HEPA post-motor filter for better cleaning. It protects you from airborne pollutants, ensuring clean air while cleaning. Replace dust-induced allergies with a healthier, cleaner home.

Versatile Cleaning Keywords: Multi-surface, Dual-action Cleaning

Shark Cordless Pro Vacuum works on many floors. It cleans several surfaces with ease. Due to its dual-action cleaning feature, this hoover shines at plush carpets and hardwood floors. The skill of cleaning has replaced the chore.

Effortless Operations
Touch Control, Push-button Controller

Operating simply is another trademark of this cleaning powerhouse. The simple push-button controller and touch control mechanism provide you full control. Switch between cleaning modes easily as you tour your home to customise your cleaning experience.

Low Noise, Efficient Cleaning Keywords: Quiet Efficiency

The Shark Cordless Pro Vacuum balances power and quiet with 309 watts and 80 dB. It thoroughly cleans your home without disturbing the peace. The ideal household cleaner.

Extended Cleaning
Long Runtime, Cordless Power

Avoid interruptions when cleaning. This hoover lasts 1 hour, so you may cover more ground without recharging. The cordless power supply makes cleaning portable.

Finally, the Shark Cordless Pro Vacuum revolutionises household cleaning. It revolutionises home cleaning with its lightweight design, HEPA filter, versatility, ease of use, silent operation, and prolonged runtime. The Shark Cordless Pro Vacuum is the logical pick for optimal cleaning.

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Shark Cordless Pro Vacuum First Hand Review Video

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  1. Portable and lightweight for easy carrying and storage
  2. Suitable for cleaning a variety of surfaces
  3. HEPA filter ensures a cleaner and healthier home
  4. Long runtime of 1 hour for extended cleaning
  5. Cordless power source for convenient and cord-free cleaning



Brand Shark
Special Feature Portable, Lightweight, HEPA
Form Factor Stick
Color Dark Grey/Mojito

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Best vacuum for shag rugs 2023-Complete Buying Guide

Shag rugs are popular for many reasons – their soft, plush texture makes them inviting to the touch, while their luxurious style provides a unique look to any décor. The term “shag” describes densely woven fibers which can be cut or looped as part of the manufacturing process. This creates an unmistakable texture and depth that you can’t find in any other rug category.

Shag rugs come in a wide range of colors and textures so no matter what style décor you have in mind, there’s sure to be the perfect shag rug to complement it. Their dense material is more resistant to stains and wear-and-tear than other types of rugs, making them great for high-traffic areas and households with children or pets. However, due to their thick pile, cleaning shag rugs can be tricky and requires care if you want your rug to stay looking new for years. Many people choose a vacuum specifically designed for shags with features such as multiple modes to accommodate different rug thicknesses and automatic height adjustment so that deep pile won’t get caught in the suction tube.

It’s important to understand what makes some vacuums better suited for dealing with shag rugs before choosing one. In this guide, we discuss factors including suction power, attachments, other features and cost so you can make an informed decision when selecting your new vacuum cleaner.

Types of Vacuums for Shag Rugs

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When shopping for a vacuum cleaner for shag carpets, it’s important to understand the different types of machines available. The right type of vacuum will depend on the type and style of shag rug you have. Vacuums come in a variety of styles, including upright vacuums, canister vacuums, stick vacs, robotic vacs and hand-held vacs. Each type has its own set of features and benefits that can help make your cleaning tasks easier. Here’s more information about each type to help you choose the best one for your needs:

  • Upright Vacuums: Upright vacuums are often considered the standard when it comes to cleaning carpets. They offer excellent suction power and deep cleaning capabilities that can tackle even thick shag rugs quickly and easily. The brush roll on an upright model works great for removing dirt from fibers without damaging them and ensuring that no lingering dirt is left behind. Uprights also typically have large capacity bins for holding more dirt so you don’t have to empty it as often during use.
  • Canister Vacuums: If you need something lighter weight than an upright vacuum cleaner but still want a powerful machine, then a canister vacuum is perfect for you. Canister models allow you to move around with ease while providing great suction thanks to their powerful motors. They are ideal if you don’t have a lot of space as they take up much less room than uprights do when stored away in between uses.
  • Stick Vacs: Stick vacuums are lightweight but packed with plenty of power to clean your shag rugs without issue. These models are designed for convenience with quick charging batteries making them perfect if you don’t have access to an outlet or if you need a portable solution that allows you access tight spaces or difficult corners around your house where regular sized machines won’t fit as well due to their small size and low profile design they also make it easy to store them away in closets when not needed since they don’t take up much space either.
  • Robotic Vacs: Robotic vacs are hands free solutions that allow users maximum convenience while leaving carpets looking spotless thanks to their smart navigation systems allowing them navigate throughout a given area safely avoiding obstacles along the way while still managing impossible work with powerful suctioning even deep into crevices of coarse materials sure give any carpet type no matter how high piles a thorough cleanse from topology bottomingly soiling debris left behind from before guests arrive noticed previously by bustlingbarefooted overthinkers who question whether there really exist effective robotic solutions that work this well let nust say there sure do because this one does!
  • Hand-Held Vacuums: Hand-held vacuums deliver portability at its finest packing plenty power into small sealed off components easily maneuverable through uncharted piles seemingly findingthe filth parties within reach focused aspirating everything in its path all while minimizing sound these tools prove just powerhouse getting through otherwise unimaginable messes–making shortwork common pratfalls requiring close attention because sometimes painstakingly long methods are needed most recognized situations like spilled milk forgotten cookies kids eating treats all over cushions these handheld gems record quicker anytime tricky specifically certainly cases smoldered ashes fallenfrom fireplace pours pieces sushi afterlunch snacking action–anything which requires instant pickup attention however small straightforward moreover pleasant satisfaction enjoying results magically attained addition mighty forces combined miniature sizes proving invincible approach user’s sanitation preference thereby ushering pure tidy living environments!

Benefits of Vacuuming Shag Rugs

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Vacuuming shag rugs can be beneficial to both the rug and your home in many ways. Vacuuming dislodges dirt, dust, and debris that can get trapped in the long, soft fibers which over time can wear down fibers, discolor your rug, and cause damage to your flooring. Additionally, regular vacuuming helps keep the air quality in your home better by reducing dust particles that can aggravate allergies and other respiratory issues.

Vacuum cleaners specifically designed to handle shag rugs offer a deep clean that will extend the life of your rug. These specialized vacuum cleaners typically feature one or more of the following benefits:

  • Powerful suction for maximum dirt removal
  • Hand-held detachable design for better control when cleaning smaller areas
  • Adjustable brush speed for delicate or thick material surfaces
  • Easy-to-remove and replace filter systems
  • Longer power cord allowing you to cover a larger area
  • Swivel head design with adjustable height setting that allows you to achieve greater reach when cleaning

Key Features to Look for in a Vacuum for Shag Rugs

Shag rugs are thick and plush and can be quite challenging to vacuum. Therefore, it’s important to find a vacuum cleaner that is powerful enough to handle the job without damaging your rug. Here are some key features you should look for when shopping around for the best vacuum for shag rugs in 2023:

  • High suction power: A powerful suction is essential for any vacuum cleaner, but especially if you have a shag rug. Look for vacuums with motors that feature high air watts ratings so that your rug will be cleaned thoroughly without leaving debris behind.
  • Soft brush head: The roller head of the vacuum should be soft and gentle on your rug’s fibers as it passes over them. This way, you won’t cause any damage to the delicate fabric of your shag rug while cleaning it.
  • HEPA filter: HEPA filters help trap dirt particles in their airtight compartments so they don’t escape out into the environment or get trapped in your home’s air system. Investing in a HEPA-certified filter can help reduce allergens and other airborne particles while keeping your rug free from dirt and debris accumulation over time.
  • Noise reduction technology: Vacuum cleaners can be quite noisy, which can be especially bothersome if you need to clean a large area at once or regularly clean multiple rooms at once. Look for models that feature noise reduction technology, like sound dampening and motor silencing technology, so that cleaning won’t be disruptive to anyone else in the house or even yourself!

Different Brands and Models of Vacuums for Shag Rugs

There are numerous brands and models of vacuums available in the market today that are designed specifically for shag rugs. Understanding the different features, performance, and aesthetics can help you select the best vacuum for your particular needs.

Dyson is a well-known brand known for quality products, and their line of vacuums range from upright to canister designs. Dyson’s Animal 2 Total Clean Upright Vacuum is an excellent choice for shag rugs due to its powerful suction and specialized roller brushbar. It also has next-generation tangle-free fiber shutoff brushes that reduce clogging on long pile carpets or shags.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum is another excellent option. It has impressive suction power and a detachable pod with extra long nozzles that easily reach beneath furniture to clean between furniture legs. This vacuum also comes with an anti-allergen complete seal technology plus a HEPA filter technology, which helps keep dust particles in check making it perfect for homes with allergy sufferers or pets.

iRobot Roomba i7+ Robot Vacuum is not just for carpeted floors – its powerful cleaning system can handle shag carpets quite effectively as well thanks to its advanced cleaning head technology and carpet boost mode feature. It automatically detects dirtier areas of your carpet then increases air power over it up to 10 times more than usual which makes it highly effective at removing deep down dirt from even thick pile rugs like shags.

Pros and Cons of Different Vacuums for Shag Rugs

When selecting a vacuum for a shag rug, it’s important to pay close attention to the type of vacuum being used. Upright vacuums are great if you have a smaller area and need more suction power, while canister vacuums are more convenient when cleaning larger surfaces. There are also stick vacuums, which offer a good balance between the two but with less suction power.

It’s also essential to look at the features of the specific model and figure out if they meet your needs. Different types of vacuums offer different levels of suction power, noise level, cleaning configurations, maneuverability and reach.

  • Upright Vacuums: Pros and Cons
    • Upright vacuums are great for smaller areas because they allow for quick deep cleaning and superior suction power.
    • However, they can be awkward to maneuver in tight spaces and don’t provide protection from shag carpet fibers that might get lodged in their motorized brush rollers.
  • Canister Vacuums: Pros and Cons
    • Canister vacuums offer more flexibility than upright models because they give you greater range of motion for hard-to-reach places like stairs or beneath furniture.
    • They usually come with on-board tools such as crevice tools that allow you to target dirt in hard-to-reach places more effectively than an upright model could do alone
    • The downside is that they tend not be as effective at deep cleaning due to their lack of suction power compared to upright models.
  • Stick Vacuum: Pros and Cons
    • Stick vacuums provide good balance between convenience (due to its lightweight construction making it easy to transport)and suction power (as its motor produces plenty enough power for basic daily clean up).
    • It is versatile enough for various flooring surfaces but doesn’t provide ample protection from long fibers tangling around its brush rollers like the other types of vacuum mentioned above do.

Tips for Vacuuming Shag Rugs

Shag rugs, while they can add an updated and modern look to any space, create some additional vacuuming challenges. Unlike flat-weave rugs, shag rugs have deep pile type of carpeting that can be hard to get clean. The special tips below can help make it easier for you to clean your shag rug and protect it from damage.

Before Vacuuming:

  • Always shake the rug outside first – This will help reduce the amount of debris and dust that makes its way into the fibers.
  • Groom the rug – Use a grooming rake or comb to separate and lift matted fibers before attempting to vacuum.

During Vacuuming:

  • Adjust suction and brush height – If your vacuum is adjustable, set it on a lower setting while still allowing air passage through the fibers. Be sure that you are also setting the brush height correctly so that it doesn’t rip through longer fibers.
  • Take extra passes – Vacuum multiple times in different directions, or upright then up close moves if possible. Pay particular attention to areas where debris accumulates more often such as entryways or under heavy furniture pieces like tables or chairs with large feet.

After Vacuuming:

  • Grooming again – After each session of vacuuming always groom your rug again; especially in busy traffic areas like hallways or near entrances where dirt accumulates often do this more regularly as well if needed.


Choosing the best vacuum for shag rugs can be a difficult decision. We hope that this buying guide has provided you with helpful information to make the right selection for your needs. All of the models discussed are reliable and efficient, so there isn’t much difference between them in terms of performance. What differs is their special features and styling, so take some time to decide which one fits your lifestyle and budget best.

The key elements to consider are:

  • Powerful suction
  • Decent noise level
  • Large dustbin capacity
  • Adjustable height setting

Armed with this knowledge, we are sure you could find the best vacuum for shag rugs in 2023!


Can a cordless vacuum clean shag carpets?

Yes, cordless stick vacuums can be well-suited for cleaning shag carpets. In days past, cordless models didn’t offer enough suction strength for the deep cleaning necessary for shag carpets, especially when compared to corded vacuums. However, modern cordless options provide plenty of power and all the accessories and adjustable settings needed to clean these thick, soft carpets.

What is the best way to vacuum a shag carpet?

After you’ve purchased the best vacuum for shag carpet, you’ll want to make the correct adjustments to certain settings before you start vacuuming. First, adjust the vacuum height and suction power so it won’t tangle the thick fibers. This may take some experimentation to find the right setting. Vacuum slowly across the rug or carpet, taking care not to miss any spots. If you sweep the vacuum over the carpet too quickly, it’s likely you won’t get all of the debris caught in the fibers.

How Often Should You Vacuum Shag Carpet?

You should vacuum your shag carpet at least twice weekly to remove ground-in dirt. Shag carpets are highly susceptible to dust build-up because the long fibers trap more debris.

Can You Use a Regular Vacuum on Shag Carpet?

You can use a regular vacuum cleaner on shag carpet, depending on the shag depth and the vacuum’s capabilities. We like the Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright because it vibrates to remove more dirt and has ultra-soft brushes that protect the carpet.

What is the best and most powerful vacuum cleaner?

A good suction power of a vacuum cleaner is typically around 350-400 air watts.

What is good suction power of vacuum cleaner?

A powerful vacuum can be determined by its suction power, airflow, and brush roll agitation.

How do I know if my vacuum is powerful?

A good vacuum typically has a power rating of around 600-800 watts.

How many Watt is a good vacuum?

There is no single “perfect” vacuum as it depends on individual cleaning needs and preferences.

What value is a perfect vacuum?

A good capacity for a vacuum cleaner depends on the size of the space you plan to clean, but typically a capacity of 1.5-2 liters is sufficient.

What is a good capacity for a vacuum cleaner?

Vacuums can use a moderate amount of electricity, but the exact amount depends on the wattage and usage. Energy-efficient models are available that use less electricity.


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