Best handheld pool vacuum 2023

Welcome to the one-stop shop for all of your handheld pool vacuum needs in 2023! Whether you’re a seasoned pool owner or just getting your feet wet, you’ll find everything you need to make the best decision when it comes to finding the ideal handheld pool vacuum.

We’ll explore the options on the market, discuss features and benefits, and give our recommendations so that you can be sure you’re getting a top-notch solution for keeping your pool sparkling. So dive in and let’s…

Best handheld pool vacuum 2023    

  1. POOLWHALE Portable Pool Vacuum (Editor’s Pick)
  2. Poolmaster 28300 Vacuum (Best Overall)
  3. Intex Handheld Vacuum (Budget Friendly)
  4. PooLuck Portable Pool Vacuum
  5. Marcytop Handheld Pool Vacuum
  6. AIPER Handheld Pool Vacuum
  7. Aura 6250 Vacuum

1) POOLWHALE Portable Pool Vacuum

Best handheld pool vacuum

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POOLWHALE Portable Pool Vacuum Cleans Pools and Spas

Do you hate spending hours cleaning your pool, spa, pond, or other water features? Just consider the POOLWHALE Portable Pool Vacuum. This unique cleaning solution makes life easier and cleans water features beautifully. This article will discuss the POOLWHALE Portable Pool Vacuum’s impressive characteristics and why it should be your first option.

Use Effective Cleaning Power

The POOLWHALE Portable Pool Vacuum can remove tough stains as well as dirt and debris. This vacuum effortlessly cleans the toughest jobs, saving you from tedious scrubbing.

Effortless Operations

POOLWHALE Portable Pool Vacuums are user-friendly. Attach the vacuum to your garden hose and turn on the water. Complex setup or technological expertise not needed. You’ll see the vacuum clean your water feature in seconds.

Clearing Debris

The vacuum has bristles to loosen and remove particles to improve cleaning. These brushes clean thoroughly, leaving no filth.

Portability Redefined

Portability is enormously convenient. Lightweight materials make the POOLWHALE Portable Pool Vacuum easy to move. Now, you can clean various water features effortlessly.

Versatile Cleaning

POOLWHALE Portable Pool Vacuum is great for pools, spas, ponds, and hot tubs. It cleans a variety of water features with its powerful suction, effective cleaning, and user-friendly design.


In conclusion, the POOLWHALE Portable Pool Vacuum revolutionizes water feature maintenance. The powerful suction, easy operation, and versatility make it a top choice for homeowners and pool enthusiasts. With the POOLWHALE Portable Pool Vacuum, you can say goodbye to laborious cleaning and hello to easy, effective cleaning. Thank your water features for gleaming brighter and cleaner than ever.

Buy the POOLWHALE Portable Pool Vacuum today to rest easy knowing your water features are in capable, high-performance hands.

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2) Poolmaster 28300 Vacuum

Best handheld pool vacuum

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Suction power from a 1.5-inch hose makes the Poolmaster 28300 Vacuum stand out. Your pool or spa will be cleaned thoroughly and efficiently with its powerful suction. No debris to ruin your swim.

Durable and maneuverable

The precision-crafted Poolmaster 28300 Vacuum has an ABS body that balances durability and lightweight design. This feature makes vacuuming in and around your pool easy. Keeping your pool clean won’t take much effort.

Easy Mobility

Wheels are another feature of the Poolmaster 28300 Vacuum. These wheels revolutionize transportation. Forget about carrying heavy equipment around your pool or spa. With this vacuum, you can easily move it.

Easy Debris Collection

Cleaning up after pool or spa maintenance has never been easier. A bag streamlines debris collection and storage in the Poolmaster 28300 Vacuum. This sensible feature speeds operations and simplifies cleanup.

Ultimate Choice

If you want to maintain your pool or spa clean, the Poolmaster 28300 Vacuum is best. Its powerful suction, resilient design, and user-friendly features make it essential for water oasis cleanliness.

Maintain high-quality pool cleaning equipment. Buy the Poolmaster 28300 Vacuum today to enjoy uncomplicated pool and spa cleaning. Leave debris behind and relax.

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3) Intex Handheld Vacuum

Best handheld pool vacuum

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Its 1.5-inch hose makes the Intex Handheld Vacuum stand out. This strong hose’s suction power eliminates debris, leaves, and other undesired materials from your pool or spa. No more manual scooping, just easy cleaning.

ABS Body Durable and Lightweight

Pool and spa care requires durability and maneuverability, which the Intex Handheld Vacuum provides. This lightweight vacuum is made of ABS and can endure heavy cleaning. The Intex Handheld Vacuum glides across water without heavy equipment.

Easy Debris Collection

The Intex Handheld Vacuum makes pool and spa cleaning easy. It easily catches and stores garbage with a bag. Just dump the bag and you’re ready for the next cleaning session.

Versatility Above and Below Waterline

The Intex Handheld Vacuum is versatile. Its revolutionary design cleans above and below the waterline. This vacuum can clean your pool floor or spa walls. A flexible cleaning solution that meets your demands.


In conclusion, the Intex Handheld Vacuum revolutionizes pool and spa maintenance. Its powerful suction, lightweight build, and easy trash collection make it a top choice for pool and spa maintenance. Intex Handheld Vacuum makes manual cleaning easy and efficient. Your oasis deserves the best, and this vacuum delivers. Make the wise choice and improve pool and spa cleaning today.

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4) PooLuck Portable Pool Vacuum

Best handheld pool vacuum

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PooLuck Portable Pool Vacuum’s jet suction technology is revolutionary. This revolutionary innovation gives the vacuum unmatched cleaning power. Its powerful and steady suction force can remove even the toughest pool debris and filth.

Compatible with Standard Pool Inlets

Versatility is a PooLuck Portable Pool Vacuum benefit. The vacuum’s intake is cleverly engineered to fit most pool inlets. This compatibility simplifies setup, letting you link it to your pool’s filtration system. Avoid complicated installations and enjoy easy pool cleaning.

Flexible Nylon Hose for Detail Cleaning

With its long, flexible nylon hose, the PooLuck Portable Pool Vacuum can reach every corner of your pool. Nothing is too hard to reach. The hose of this vacuum removes dirt and debris from the floor, walls, and pool corners.

Easy Debris Collection

Cleaning your pool has never been easier. The PooLuck Portable Pool Vacuum has a mesh bag and nylon hose. This bag efficiently collects waste for disposal. This vacuum eliminates tedious manual cleaning.

Perfect for All Pools

PooLuck Portable Pool Vacuums are versatile. It is precisely built for above-ground and in-ground pools. You can count on this vacuum to keep your pool clean no matter the type. Delivery of desired results is more important than ease.

Conclusion: Your Best Pool Cleaner

In conclusion, the PooLuck Portable Pool Vacuum revolutionizes pool maintenance. Its advanced jet suction technology, standard pool inlets, flexible nylon hose, and efficient debris collection system set the standard for pool cleaning. Get rid of tedious pool cleaning with the PooLuck Portable Pool Vacuum. This excellent vacuum makes pool cleaning like nothing before.

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5) Marcytop Handheld Pool Vacuum

Best handheld pool vacuum

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Marcytop Handheld Pool Vacuum’s battery-powered functioning is notable. This unique design eliminates unnecessary connections and outlets, letting you clean your pool freely.

 Easy Procedure

The Marcytop Handheld Pool Vacuum activates with a switch. Despite your lack of tech skills, its user-friendly interface makes pool cleaning easy. This makes it accessible to all pool owners by experience.

Powerful suction 3.

A powerful suction power makes the Marcytop Handheld Pool Vacuum easily remove trash from your pool. In addition to leaves and twigs, this vacuum can handle other debris. A more effective cleaning method replaces laborious skimming.

 Broad Range

With its attached hoses, the Marcytop Handheld Pool Vacuum cleans every corner of your pool. These hoses reach all pool areas, ensuring no debris gets where.

 Smart Sensors

Now you know when your vacuum is full. A clever sensor is built into the Marcytop Handheld Pool Vacuum pole. This sensor warns you when the vacuum is going full, preventing overflows. The huge one-gallon capacity lets you clean your pool without interruptions.

 Compact and carryable

Marcytop Handheld Pool Vacuums solve pool owners’ storage issues. When not in use, its compact size makes it easy to store. Get rid of poolside clutter from cleaning equipment.

The Marcytop Handheld Pool Vacuum revolutionizes pool maintenance. Battery-powered operation, powerful suction, wide reach, and clever sensor technologies make pool cleaning easy. Its small size and portability also save space. Invest with the Marcytop Handheld Pool Vacuum to clean your pool year-round efficiently. With Marcytop, pool maintenance is fun.

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6) AIPER Handheld Pool Vacuum

Best handheld pool vacuum

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The sun-soaked shores of our favorite beaches often contain seashells, pebbles, and the elusive sea glass. Beachcombers can improve their treasure hunts with the AIPER Handheld Pool Vacuum. This vacuum’s powerful suction easily picks up sand, pebbles, and marbles, so nothing escapes your sharp eye. Replace arduous manual sifting with efficient, complete beach cleanup.

 Spa Sanctuary Upkeep
Spa Cleaning, Debris Removal, Maintenance

Spas are relaxing retreats that need care. The AIPER Handheld Pool Vacuum excels. Its agile design lets it navigate your spa’s corners and remove every particle of trash quickly. This vacuum’s powerful suction removes leaves, grime, and other unwanted guests, leaving the spa clean.

 Seamless Hose Attachment Keywords: Easy Hose Attachment, Hassle-Free Setup

AIPER Handheld Pool Vacuums are known for their ease of use. It fits most standard hoses, making installation easy. This vacuum integrates with your system without cumbersome plugs or adapters. This ease of attachment lets you start cleaning right away, saving time and effort.

 Mobility Power
Battery-powered vacuum, portability, cleaning convenience

Gone are the days of cleaning with an outlet. The battery-powered AIPER Handheld Pool Vacuum gives you unmatched mobility. Travel far and wide to clean every inch of your home. No cords or restrictions—just cleaning convenience.

 Beyond Pools—The Ultimate Outdoor Companion
Outdoor Cleaning, Multipurpose Tool

While the name suggests a focus on pools, the AIPER Handheld Pool Vacuum is a versatile outdoor cleaner. Its versatility, suction force, and ease of use make it essential for outdoor maintenance. This vacuum keeps patios and garden walkways clean.

In conclusion, the AIPER Handheld Pool Vacuum goes beyond pool cleaning and is essential for outdoor cleaning. For efficiency and convenience, its capacity to handle sand, marbles, and trash, easy connection, battery-powered mobility, and versatility make it a top pick. If you like beaches, spas, or clean outdoor spaces, this vacuum is for you. Today, upgrade your cleaning game with the AIPER Handheld Pool Vacuum.

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7) Aura 6250 Vacuum

Best handheld pool vacuum

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Its capacity to revitalize dusty fibers makes the Aura 6250 Vacuum stand out. This vacuum can clean carpets, upholstery, and curtains. It carefully removes dirt, dust, and allergies, refreshing your clothing. This improves the look of your home and makes it healthier for your family.

Eliminating Shower and Tub Grime

Stop scrubbing your shower and tub to remove filth. The Aura 6250 Vacuum’s strong scraper removes even the toughest soap scum and mineral deposits. Bathrooms will sparkle with minimal effort. It saves time so you can enjoy your home instead of cleaning.

Savior in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but spills and messes are everywhere. This is where the Aura 6250 Vacuum excels. Its clever design makes cookware cleaning easy, making it essential for home chefs. This vacuum can clean flour, sugar, and crumbs. Keeping your kitchen clean has never been easier.

Unmatched Flexibility

Versatility distinguishes the Aura 6250 Vacuum. Not limited to certain cleaning activities, it adapts to your needs. This vacuum easily switches between carpets, baths, and kitchen surfaces. For all-in-one cleaning, its adaptability makes it a great choice.


Aura 6250 Vacuum is the best choice for a strong, versatile, and efficient cleaner. This vacuum is a cleaning partner that makes each task easier. It’s essential for any family because it rejuvenates fibers, fights bathroom filth, and simplifies kitchen cleanup.

Clean with the Aura 6250 Vacuum and see the difference. Forget the trouble and enjoy a cleaner, more pleasant home. Choose remarkable with the Aura 6250 Vacuum.

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Best handheld pool vacuum 2023-Complete Buying Guide

When it comes to maintaining a clean and healthy swimming pool, handheld pool vacuums are an essential tool. Not only do these vacuums make cleaning a breeze, but they can also save time and energy when compared to manual cleaning methods. Whether you need to vacuum your fish tank or clean the entire pool area, a handheld pool vacuum can quickly and easily accomplish the task.

Before investing in a handheld pool vacuum, it’s important to understand the types available on the market so you can make an informed decision. This guide will provide you with an overview of the five main types of handheld pool vacuums; electric-powered, battery-powered, pressure-side, suction-side, and robotic.

  • Electric powered vacuums are most efficient at cleaning larger pools.
  • Battery powered vacuums are better suited for smaller pools that don’t require as deep of suction.
  • Pressure side and suction side models are connected directly to the filtration system.
  • Robotic models provide more comprehensive coverage of larger pools.

This complete buying guide for best handheld pool vacuum in 2023 will provide detailed reviews of products from each type including features such as power capabilities, filter access, price range and more so that you can find the one that best suits your needs.

Benefits of Using a Handheld Pool Vacuum

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Using a handheld pool vacuum to clean your pool is a great choice for pool owners who want an inexpensive, easy-to-use cleaning solution that they can use on their own. While in-ground cleaners are automated machines that do require some installation, a handheld vacuum requires no setup and you can use it whenever desired. These vacuums are great for spot cleaning and making sure the water looks inviting each time you use the pool.

In addition to being affordable and easy to use, handheld vacuums are also incredibly efficient in picking up debris from your swimming pool’s floor. Unlike some larger vacuums, which may not be able to reach tight spaces and corners, handheld models offer greater accessibility that makes it easier to quickly remove leaves, bugs, twigs and other debris without having to wait for an in-ground system to complete its cleaning cycle. This allows you to get into smaller areas and hard-to-reach spots and easily restore the beauty of your swimming pool faster than ever before.

Moreover, these types of vacuums are also ideal for individuals who rent or have limited space around their pools since they don’t require extra equipment or setup time when used. The portability of these models ensures they take up minimal storage space while providing exceptional results at the same time – so whether you’re looking for something lightweight or cordless with manual power operation capabilities, there are plenty of different options available on the market nowadays that fit everyone’s needs perfectly!

Types of Handheld Pool Vacuums

When it comes to cleaning your swimming pool, there are a variety of handheld pool vacuums on the market that make the task easier. These vary in features and design and it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Before buying a handheld pool vacuum, it is important to understand the different types available.

The most common type of handheld pool vacuum is an automatic model. These are battery-powered, cordless vacs that feature sensors and robotic arms that help detect and clean dirt and debris from your pool floor automatically. Many models feature rechargeable batteries along with on-board filtration systems for maximum efficiency.

Manual handheld models are a bit more basic in operation than their automatic counterparts but still provide effective cleaning capabilities at a fraction of the cost. They usually carry standard brushes or bristles attached to the body for power scrubbing action, as well as removable filters for collecting debris from your pool bottom surface. Manual vacs often come with telescoping poles or sticks to allow easy access in hard-to-reach areas as well as adjustable nozzles for precise cleaning action.

Another type of handheld cleaner available is an inflatable device – these have soft flexible surfaces that roll across your pool bottom while blasting dirt particles with powerful jets of water or air at suction power, leaving your bottom clean and sparkling in minutes! Inflatable cleaners are great if you’re looking to quickly spot clean while saving energy costs associated with larger-sized vacuum cleaners powered by electricity or gas engines. Lastly, there are floating models which float across your swimming surface scrubbing up dirt particles with onboard spinning brushes powered by water pressure from pumps connected directly to your filtering system – perfect for larger pools up to 26 feet in length!

Factors to Consider When Buying a Handheld Pool Vacuum

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When choosing the best handheld pool vacuum for your needs, there are a few factors you should consider:

  • Size of your pool and how much area it covers – a smaller handheld vacuum might not be able to handle a large pool.
  • Water capacity of the model – some vacuums can only handle small pools, while larger capacity models would work better for public pools.
  • Suction power, battery life and filter quality.
  • Features that will make using a hand-held vacuum easier like cordless operation, LED guidance systems and robotic technology.

By taking all these elements into account before you purchase a new model, you can be sure you’re choosing the best model to get your pool spotless!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Brands

When shopping for a handheld pool vacuum, you will find different brands offering a variety of features and benefits. Each brand has its own unique advantages and disadvantages that should be taken into consideration when making your decision.

In this section, the primary focus is on some of the more popular brands and the benefits they offer. These top-rated brands are reliable, have proven durability in pool environments, and have innovative features that make owning and using a handheld pool vacuum simpler and more efficient.

The major brands to consider when looking for a handheld pool vacuums are as follows:

  • Intex: Intex offers an extensive line of suction-side vacuums that work with their above ground pools. They come with several attachments for different tasks such as cleaning corners or tight spaces. The sizes range from small to large, making them ideal for almost any size pool up to an 18-foot diameter capacity unit. Although this brand is considered one of the most affordable on the market, it can often require frequent maintenance due to clogging.
  • Hayward: Known as one of the most popular brands among professional cleaners, Hayward offers affordable vacuums that can handle all kinds of debris in any size body of water. With large capacity tanks and adjustable suction power settings, these machines can effectively whisk away leaves and other debris in minutes rather than hours. However, at times they may need additional resources such as brushes or mobiles for tough areas like corners or steps.
  • Pentair: Pentair is popular because their vacuums come with advanced features like built-in timers for automated cleaning cycles and powerful brushes to facilitate deep cleaning without direct labor effort from an operator. Additionally, their portable units are battery powered so there’s no need to worry about cords getting tangled up while using it around your swimming area. The only downside here is cost – these vacuums tend to be pricier than competing models because they are designed to last longer and do more automates tasks over time with minimal downtime due to maintenance needs down the road.

Tips for Using a Handheld Pool Vacuum

One of the best benefits of using a handheld pool vacuum is the convenience. Portable and easy to use, these vacuums can help you maintain a clean and healthy pool. However, there are some tips and tricks to getting the most out of your handheld pool vacuum.

  • Before vacuuming, consider brushing the walls and floor of your pool as this will make vacuuming easier by loosening up any dirt or debris on the surfaces. Make sure that there are no air leaks in your vacuum hose and handle as well.
  • When starting to vacuum, begin in one corner of the pool then work counterclockwise, going around each wall before vacuuming the floor in back-and-forth motions. Be careful not to move too quickly as this may cause suction breaks which could damage your filtration system or cause debris to become lodged in parts of your system that could be more difficult to reach.
  • Alternatively, you can use a regular hose without a vacuum head by attaching a regulator valve to it that will reduce water pressure while still allowing for superior cleaning power. Consider investing in an adapter if you have an above ground pool that connects with accessories such as skimmers or fittings designed for larger hoses than those used with handheld vacuums.
  • Be aware of any obstacles such as steps or jets when moving along the walls of your pool since they can get caught up in some attachments included with handheld vacuums and prevent suction from properly occurring at these locations – again damaging both suction performance and possibly even impacting filtration performance should not addressed promptly.
  • Become familiar with proper operation steps before using these devices so that potential issues can be avoided when possible.

Maintenance and Care for Handheld Pool Vacuums

In order to keep your handheld pool vacuum in top-notch condition, it is important to take the time for regular maintenance and cleaning. Keeping a good eye on your vacuum and its parts will maximize its life span, suction power, and even the quality of your pool’s water. Here are some general maintenance tips for your handheld pool vacuums:

  • Deep cleaning – Regular deep cleanings should be done every 6-8 weeks or as needed to maintain good water quality. This is also known as “backwashing” or “power washing” and involves gently spraying the inside and outside of the filter, along with any hoses or other parts connected to the vacuum.
  • Brush cleanings – Every two weeks, use a soft bristled brush on all surfaces of the filter, including the intake tube, impellers and any other moving parts. Do not use a hard bristled brush as this could damage delicate features such as seals and shafts.
  • Hose inspection – Inspect all hoses connected to both ends of the unit at least once per week for splits or breaks down either side. A tightly fitted hose also ensures competent suction at varying depths within your pool.
  • Replace broken or worn out parts – Although it may seem like time consuming work at first, replacing broken or worn out pieces like seals or gaskets can improve not only performance but longevity of your handheld pool vacuum too!


It’s important to remember that no two pools are exactly alike, so the right vacuum for your pool may vary. In this Guide, we’ve included information on all the features and types of handheld pool vacuums available so you can make the best choice for your needs.

For best results, we suggest matching up your budget with a handheld pool vacuum that best fits all of your cleaning needs. Factors such as performance, ease-of-use, battery life, and price should all be taken into consideration. Taking a look at user reviews can also help you choose the right model for you.

If you need a more convenient option because of limited storage space or budget concerns, consider an automatic suction cleaner or robotic pool cleaner. Both types will help keep your pool clean without requiring manual operation and may even cut down on regular maintenance costs.

With all this in mind, whichever type of handheld vacuum you choose will provide convenience and great benefits when it comes to keeping your above ground swimming pool clean and safe to enjoy throughout the season!


Which type of pool vacuum is best?

The best type of pool vacuum can vary depending on the pool’s size, shape, and type of debris. Some popular options include suction-side cleaners, pressure-side cleaners, and robotic cleaners.

What is best small pool vacuum?

A good small pool vacuum is the Hayward 500 AquaNaut.

Which is better robotic or suction pool cleaner?

The choice between a robotic and a suction pool cleaner is based on personal preference and budget. Robotic cleaners are more expensive but can clean the pool faster and more efficiently. Suction cleaners are less expensive but require more manual work and can be less effective.

What is the best pool cleaner for heavy debris?

The best pool cleaner for heavy debris is a pressure-side cleaner or a robotic cleaner with a large debris basket.

How many years do pool vacuums last?

Pool vacuums can last anywhere from 2 to 5 years with proper maintenance.

How many times a week should I vacuum my pool?

It is recommended to vacuum your pool once a week or as needed to maintain clear water.

What pool vacuum is good for algae?

A suction-side pool cleaner is good for algae, but it is important to keep the pool chemically balanced to prevent algae growth.

Are pool vacuums worth it?

Pool vacuums are worth it if they provide efficient and effective cleaning for your pool.

Can I leave my pool vacuum in the pool all the time?

It is not recommended to leave your pool vacuum in the pool all the time as it can lead to unnecessary wear and tear and cause the vacuum to become clogged.

Why does my pool vacuum not have good suction?

Poor suction from a pool vacuum can be caused by a clogged hose, a dirty filter, low water levels, or an air leak. Regular maintenance and troubleshooting can help resolve these issues.


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