Best color safe bleach 2023

Welcome to the ultimate color safe bleach guide for 2023! Are you looking to find the best color safe bleach on the market? Worry no more – we’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive guide will walk you through all of your options so that you can make an informed decision about which color safe bleach is best for your needs.

Let’s get started with our buying guide!

Best color safe bleach 2023

  1. Grab Green Bleach (Editor’s Pick)
  2. OxiClean Bleach (Best Overall)
  3. Tide Plus Bleach (Budget Friendly)
  4. Seventh Generation Bleach
  5. Clorox Bleach
  6. OxiClean Color Brightener Bleach
  7. Clorox Zero Splash Bleach

1) Grab Green Bleach

Best color safe bleach

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Grab Green Bleach is known for its revolutionary formula. For gentler washing, it works well at lower temps due to its careful balance. This feature ensures a safe cleaning approach for those sensitive to harsh chemicals.

Nature-friendly Grab Green Bleach is different. It is safe for pets because of its love for them. This feature protects pets and makes this bleach a top choice for pet-loving households.

eco-friendly elegance: green aspect

Grab Green Bleach stands out among cleaning products for its eco-friendliness. The environmentally friendly composition purifies our homes and leaves a low carbon imprint. Grab Green Bleach represents eco-friendly cleaning.

Bleach Pods: Convenience and Responsibility

Grab Green Bleach’s bleach pods revolutionise convenience. These eco-friendly cleaning pods are a breakthrough. These pre-measured bleaches make it easy to use the right amount for every load of laundry. These pods are tiny and lightweight, making storage and transport easy.

Biodegradable Warning Materials Empower Eco-Responsibility

Everything about Grab Green Bleach is eco-friendly, including its biodegradable warning labels. These materials demonstrate the brand’s dedication to environmental sustainability, making the earth cleaner and healthier. This conscious choice shows Grab Green Bleach’s commitment to global health.

The Power of Grab Green Bleach

Grab Green Bleach proves its stain-removing power contrary to the belief that eco-friendly means ineffective. While environmentally friendly, these bleach pods may remove stains and brighten whites. They are versatile and reliable for all your washing needs regardless of temperature or cloth type.

Made in the USA: Quality Promise

Grab Green Bleach began with quality and accountability. Each US-made pod is meticulously crafted and follows strict production methods. This geographical commitment means that every pod you use is high-quality, delivering an effective and reliable cleaning solution.

Excellence Concludes

Grab Green Bleach is a shining star in the cleaning product world. It stands out for its efficiency, eco-friendliness, and animal-friendliness. Grab Green Bleach welcomes you if you want an eco-friendly, sustainable, or ethical bleach alternative.

The choice is clear: Grab Green Bleach is a symbol of a cleaner, kinder, greener future. Upgrade your cleaning routine with Grab Green Bleach and live better.

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  1. -Pre-measured pods for easy and convenient use
  2. -Biodegradable warning materials for reduced environmental impact
  3. -Effective at removing stains and brightening whites
  4. -Safe to use on all fabrics and in all temperatures
  5. -Made in the USA for high quality and responsible production practices.



Product Dimensions : 8.75 x 3 x 11.5 inches; 2.4 Pounds
Material Feature : Biodegradable Warning
Country of Origin : USA

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2) OxiClean Bleach

Best color safe bleach

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Leave dull clothes behind and shine with OxiClean Bleach. This powerful solution revives fabric vibrancy, eliminating dullness and fading. Its special formula restores colours and eliminates discolouration. Restoring your garments’ young appeal will thank you.

Chlorine-Free Formula: Gentle yet Potent

OxiClean Bleach is a safe, innovative fabric care alternative to chlorine-based bleach. This chlorine-free wonder protects your clothes from diverse fibres and colours. OxiClean Bleach protects fabrics from chlorine fading and delivers amazing results.

OxiClean Bleach’s user-friendly design combines precision and simplicity in its measuring cap. Measurement caps reduce guesswork and ensure the right amount for each laundry load. No overpouring or underapplying—just perfect results every time. Efficiency and convenience blend with OxiClean Bleach.

OxiClean Bleach’s Versatility Symphony

OxiClean Bleach is your reliable ally for whites and colours. This versatile laundry detergent is essential to your laundry arsenal due to its high potency. OxiClean Bleach is your ticket to laundry perfection, whether you’re having a white-clothing or color-revival party.

Quality & Excellence: Made in the USA

Do not question your laundry partner’s origin. USA-based OxiClean Bleach is proud of its quality. Its production meets strict criteria, ensuring high-quality. Every use supports ethical production and ensures American craftsmanship’s excellence.

OxiClean’s Triumph in Stain Removal and Brightening Warning: Stains! OxiClean Bleach fights stains with focused power to remove even the toughest ones. This powerful product works in all temperatures to remove stubborn spots and brighten whites. It works well with both standard and high-efficiency washing machines, making laundry easier.

OxiClean Bleach’s Journey to Convenience

Laundry improvement has never been easier. Powdered OxiClean Bleach is easy to use in washing. From container to machine, the process is simple. Compactness and lightness improve storage and transportation, while the substantial 21.1-ounce container provides excellence and value across numerous laundry cycles.

Join the OxiClean Bleach Revolution

OxiClean Bleach revolutionises, not simply solves. The combination of concentrated potency, chlorine-free formulation, and USA-based production makes it unmatched. Remove stains and faded materials with OxiClean Bleach and bring back shine. OxiClean Bleach makes perfect laundry easier than ever. Your clothes deserve the best, so up your fabric care routine now.

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  1. -Concentrated formula for powerful stain removal and brightening
  2. -Chlorine-free and safe for all fabrics and colors
  3. -Works in all temperatures and with both standard and high-efficiency washing machines
  4. -Convenient powder form for easy use and storage
  5. -21.1 ounce container provides enough product for multiple loads of laundry.



Is Discontinued By Manufacturer : No
Product Dimensions : 3 x 5.75 x 10 inches; 1.37 Pounds
Country of Origin : USA

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3) Tide Plus Bleach

Best color safe bleach

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Tide Plus Bleach is a legendary cleaning detergent. It’s a good value for normal clothes cleaning. A excellent alternative to other detergent makers, many families collect it. Tide has retailer agreements, making it available to customers. Overall, Tide Plus Bleach is a trustworthy and economical laundry alternative.


The popular Tide Plus Collection helps remove stubborn stains using Tide Plus Bleach. The bleach alternative in this liquid laundry detergent makes it safe for coloured clothes while still cleaning well. Designed for high-efficiency machines, it saves water and energy.

The effectiveness of Tide Plus Bleach is a major benefit. This detergent is ideal for extremely soiled laundry because it cleans well and removes difficult stains. Its bleach alternative composition brightens whites and preserves colours.

Another benefit of Tide Plus Bleach is convenience. The 46 fl oz container of detergent can run numerous loads of washing, making it affordable. Liquid form is easy to use and can be added immediately to washing machine. Compatible with high-efficiency machines, it saves water and energy.

In conclusion, Tide Plus Bleach is a powerful and convenient washing solution. Its bleach alternative, excellent efficiency, and increased cleaning strength make it a reliable option for difficult stains. Tide Plus Bleach is a good detergent for badly dirty loads or brilliant colours.

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  1. Provides extra cleaning power for tough stains
  2. -Bleach alternative formula is safe to use on colored fabrics
  3. -Formulated for high efficiency machines to save water and energy
  4. -Convenient liquid form for easy use
  5. -46 fl oz bottle provides enough detergent for multiple loads of laundry.



specifications Part of the trusted Tide Plus Collection.
Product Dimensions : 10 x 6 x 3.5 inches; 3.42 Pounds
Brand Tide
Item Form Liquid

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4) Seventh Generation Bleach

Best color safe bleach

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The heart of Seventh Generation Bleach is chlorine. This potent component alone gives fast and effective cleaning results. The outcome? Newly radiant living space.

Transparent Formula for Perfect Results

Seventh Generation Bleach’s clear formula is a benefit. The clever formulation makes every application transparent, eliminating streaks and residue. The surface is clean and shows your cleaning care.

Homes, Kids, and Pets Safe

Seventh Generation Bleach shows off its safety. It was carefully developed to work in your house, especially for families with children and dogs. This unique feature gives reassurance, making it a good alternative for individuals who value a shelter for their families.

Consistency Revised

Predictable excellence is Seventh Generation Bleach. We promise high-quality cleaning with every bottle. This bleach routinely produces excellent results on laundry, dishes, and other surfaces.

Eco-Friendliness & Colour Preservation: Seventh Generation Bleach

This section discusses Seventh Generation Bleach’s revolutionary impact on laundry care and environmental responsibility.

Green Laundry Care

Seventh Generation Bleach is an eco-friendly alternative to chlorine-based bleaches. It pioneered chlorine-free cleaning with a less environmental impact. This benefits your clothes and the environment.

Vibrant Colour Guardian

Seventh Generation’s color-safeness Innovation flourishes in bleach. This bleach preserves colour in a world that fades. Wash after wash, your clothes retain their vibrant colours. Cleaning is about preserving your favourite style.

Unscented Rebirth

Allure of an odourless composition defines Seventh Generation Bleach. Its holistic approach to hygiene frees it from overbearing odours. By reducing aroma compounds, it benefits your health and the environment while providing a fresh breath.

Easily Apply

Clean washing is easier with Seventh Generation Bleach in liquid form. Add it to your washing machine for easy dispersion. One simple integration improves your cleaning experience.

An Unmatched Choice

We conclude our review of Seventh Generation Bleach by emphasising its superiority.

A Benefit Symphony

The benefits of Seventh Generation Bleach are a symphony of home items. While its chlorine-free composition is eco-friendly, its colour preservation defies industry standards. Combine its odourless purity and user-friendly application with a comprehensive cleaning solution that redefines your routine.

Improve Your Cleanliness.

From eco-friendly cleaning to colour protection, Seventh Generation Bleach is your trusted partner. Not simply cleaning—embracing a lifestyle of efficacy, accountability, and aesthetics.

Seventh Generation Bleach completes the journey to clean and responsible choices. When cleaning, remember that excellence and sustainability may coexist. Each software makes your home and earth cleaner, which is priceless.

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Seventh Generation Bleach First Hand Review Video

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  1. Eco-friendly formula without chlorine or harsh chemicals
  2. -Unscented formula to reduce the impact of fragrance chemicals
  3. -Color protection benefits to keep colors looking vibrant
  4. -Liquid form for easy use
  5. -9.69 x 4.84 x 4.76 inches package dimensions and 4.41 pounds weight makes it easy to store and transport.



Package Dimensions : 9.69 x 4.84 x 4.76 inches; 4.41 Pounds
Brand Seventh Generation
Scent Unscented

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5) Clorox Bleach

Best color safe bleach

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Clorox Bleach opens the door to brighter, whiter laundry with its concentrated elixir. This bleach is carefully designed to remove stubborn stains, brighten whites, and preserve colour. Its formulation preserves colours while creating a clean, fresh symphony. A sweet scent embraces your laundry, leaving a lasting impression of cleanliness.

Strength Within: Clorox Bleach’s Unmatched Power

Its potency makes Clorox Bleach stand out. This powerful brew can remove even the toughest stains and revive whites thanks to its precise recipe. Its color-safe formula welcomes all textiles and hues, delivering a versatile laundry solution. This powerful bleach invites you to experience the pinnacle of purity and brilliance in a bottle of Clorox Bleach.

Seamless Integration: Clorox Bleach Convenience

Clorox Bleach embodies ease and convenience. In a big 66.0-ounce container, it offers cost-effective cleansing for numerous laundry cycles. Its liquid form is a simple elixir that blends with your washing machine, making laundry effortless. This marvel gently dances with high-efficiency equipment, ushering an era of water and energy conservation.

Summary: Improve Laundry with Clorox Bleach

To conclude, Clorox Bleach is powerful and convenient, satisfying your laundry needs. Its concentration, aromatic symphony, colour integrity, and stain-fighting power make it a reliable partner in brighter, whiter laundry. Its ability to remove tough stains and enhance fabric colours is a tribute to its power. Clorox Bleach, a bleaching powerhouse, invites you to experience its brilliance and purity.

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Clorox Bleach First Hand Review Video

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  1. Concentrated formula for powerful stain removal and brightening
  2. -Color-safe formula for use on all fabrics and colors
  3. -Fresh scent to leave laundry smelling clean and fresh
  4. -66.0 ounce bottle provides enough bleach for multiple loads of laundry
  5. -10.71 x 6.54 x 4.13 inches package dimensions and 4.13 pounds weight makes it easy to store and transport.



Package Dimensions : 10.71 x 6.54 x 4.13 inches; 4.13 Pounds
Country of Origin : USA
Brand Clorox 2
Item Form Liquid

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6) OxiClean Color Brightener Bleach

Best color safe bleach

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OxiClean Colour Brightener Bleach transforms clothing, its main benefit. This strong brightener gently restores your clothes’ vibrancy, unmatched in efficacy. It removes wear and tear using a sophisticated formula, leaving clothes looking new.

A remarkable stain remover

This bleach is a powerful stain-fighter and brightener. It removes even the toughest stains, revitalising your clothes. OxiClean Colour Brightener Bleach defeats difficult stains, keeping your clothes spotless.

Unveil the True Colours: The Gateway to Vibrancy

OxiClean Colour Brightener Bleach aims to brighten textiles. Its unique brightener revitalises fading materials. This potent chemical revives the colours, making your clothes look as vibrant as the day you brought them home.

Your Best Laundry Friend: Simple and Effective

OxiClean Colour Brightener Bleach is easy to use in laundry. Its powerful but easy recipe makes amazing outcomes easy. Its ease of use lets everyone take use of its amazing powers. This bleach also works with high-efficiency washing machines, saving water and energy.

Safety First: A Reliable Formula

Concerned about fabric safety? Worry not! OxiClean Colour Brightener Bleach is carefully designed to work with all materials and colours. Its chlorine-free formula protects your favourite clothes while removing stains and brightening.

Economical Elegance: Performance and Value

The OxiClean Colour Brightener Bleach improves laundry quality and fits your budget. This bleach in a 15.9 fl oz bottle can do numerous loads of laundry, making it cost-effective. Its concentrated potency guarantees that a little goes a long way, delivering remarkable results without sacrificing performance.

The OxiClean Advantage Improves Laundry

In conclusion, OxiClean Colour Brightener Bleach solves laundry problems like no other. Effective and efficient laundry care is shown by its robust mix that boosts colours, fights tough stains, and simplifies use. OxiClean Colour Brightener Bleach transforms your laundry routine and redefines cleanliness and vibrancy.

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  1. -Concentrated formula for powerful stain removal and brightening
  2. -Color-safe formula for use on all fabrics and colors
  3. -15.9 fl oz bottle provides enough bleach for multiple loads of laundry
  4. -Safe to use on all fabrics and colors due to no chlorine content
  5. -3 x 5.75 x 10 inches package dimensions and 1.12 pounds weight makes it easy to store and transport.



Is Discontinued By Manufacturer : No
Product Dimensions : 3 x 5.75 x 10 inches; 1.12 Pounds
Country of Origin : USA
Brand OxiClean

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7) Clorox Zero Splash Bleach

Best color safe bleach

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Clorox Zero Splash Bleach is a game-changer in cleaning. This unique powder bleach activates its strong composition as water touches it, making cleaning easy. No more worries about spills or splashing. Clorox Zero Splash Bleach puts you in power.

Versatility Redefined

Try Clorox Zero Splash Bleach for all your cleaning needs. The versatile marvel does everything from countertops to laundry. Its standardised formula cleans surfaces perfectly and germ-free. Clorox Zero Splash Bleach handles any job.

Your Fingertips Precision

Ever tried to pour bleach accurately? Clorox Zero Splash Bleach protects. Its revolutionary regulated pour spout mixes precisely, reducing waste and mess. Replace guessing with a more efficient cleaning procedure.

The Clorox Zero Splash Bleach Magic

Imagine a bleach that activates when needed. Answer: Clorox Zero Splash Bleach. This water-activated powder bleach revolutionises cleaning. Designed for sinks and toilets, it cleans well without splashes. Its safe and effective recipe makes it a household cleaning buddy.

An Aroma of Freshness

No one wants a chemical-smelling bathroom. Clorox Zero Splash Bleach cleans and smells fresh. Avoid the strong scent of regular bleach and enjoy a clean, fresh-smelling bathroom.

Convenience in Every Container

The 2.95-pound Clorox Zero Splash Bleach is powerful and convenient. This affordable bleach has several uses, maximising your purchase. Applying it directly to the target surface and watching the magic happen is easy with its powder form.

A Cleanup Revolution

To conclude, Clorox Zero Splash Bleach revolutionises cleaning. Its water-activated, spill-free formula, attractive aroma, and safe formulation make it the best household cleaner. For a safer bleach alternative or a simpler cleaning regimen, Clorox Zero Splash Bleach is the best. Innovative Clorox cleaning takes cleaning to new heights.

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Clorox Zero Splash Bleach First Hand Review Video

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  1. Spill-free formula for a safer cleaning experience
  2. -Water-activated for powerful cleaning without splashing
  3. -Regular scent to leave your bathroom smelling fresh and clean
  4. -2.95 pound container provides enough bleach for multiple uses
  5. -13.94 x 3.81 x 6 inches package dimensions and 2.95 pounds weight makes it easy to store and transport.



Product Dimensions : 13.94 x 3.81 x 6 inches; 2.95 Pounds
UPC : 44600314464
Country of Origin : USA
Brand Clorox

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Best color safe bleach 2023-Complete Buying Guide

When you want to keep white fabrics looking bright and beautiful, bleach is a must-have. But what type of bleach should you choose? In this guide, we’ll go over the different types available so that you can make an informed decision when selecting the best color safe bleach for your household needs.

We’ll talk about the benefits and drawbacks of each type, as well as how they should be used and what to look for in a quality color safe bleach product. By the end of this guide, you should have all the information necessary to make an educated choice for your home.

What is Color Safe Bleach?

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Color-safe bleach is a bleaching agent used to whiten and remove stains from clothes that contain color dyes, while preventing the colors from fading, running, or becoming discolored. It is formulated differently than traditional bleach which is typically more harsh on colored fabrics and can cause colors to fade over time.

Color-safe bleaches are specially formulated with milder ingredients and are gentler on colored garments and fabrics. By using pH neutral cleaners combined with oxygenating compounds, these type of bleaches work effectively to address surface stains without damaging colors or making them appear dull. They can also be used as a pre-treating solution for heavily soiled items.

Choosing the best color safe bleach will depend on the material composition of your clothing as well other factors such as individual skin sensitivity and allergies you may have. When shopping for color safe bleach (also known as chlorine free bleach), it helps to:

  • Familiarize yourself with the product labels and active ingredients contained in each brand formulation.
  • Make sure it is safe for your specific fabric type before use.

Benefits of Using Color Safe Bleach

Using a color safe bleach can provide a number of benefits including longer lasting clothes, brighter whites, and softer fabrics. Unlike traditional bleach, which can cause the fabric to yellow or fade over time, color safe bleach will lock in the color and make sure it remains bright for longer.

Color safe bleaches are also less harsh on items like comforters and down jackets where the traditional bleaches can sometimes leave permanent white streaks. The natural enzymes found in color-safe bleaches will help keep fabrics looking new and acting softer with every wash. Additionally, they often contain mild fragrances that will provide delightful scents to your laundry room.

Finally, since they are formulated to be gentler on materials like synthetic fibers you won’t have to worry about shrinking or other damage that can be caused by everyday detergents and other laundry products. Color safe bleach is an excellent choice for those looking for a safer alternative to standard chlorine bleach while still maintaining the same great clean results.

Different Types of Color Safe Bleach

Best color safe bleach 2023

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When it comes to cleaning fabrics, you have multiple options for color-safe bleach. Depending upon the type of fabric and your cleaning goals, there are various types of bleaches to choose from that can safely be used on different colors. The right type of bleach can help to reduce the risk of discoloration or damage to garments while helping you achieve a brighter, cleaner finish.

The most common types of color safe bleach include:

  • Oxygen bleaches, which are safer than traditional chlorine-based variants and are effectively used as a substitute or addition with detergent.
  • Chlorine dioxide bleaches, which remove bacteria and oxidize odor-causing compounds on light fabrics without generating excess heat or fading colors like regular chlorine bleach does.
  • Perchloroethylene bleaches, which are a strong oxidizing agent that can be used in both the home and laundry settings for refreshing colored clothes without affecting their colorfastness.

It is always important to check the care labels on clothing before using any type of bleach or detergent because fibers such as wool, silk, leather and fur should never be exposed to harsh chemicals like an oxygenbleach used for stain removal purposes. If a label instructs ‘dry clean only’ then follow these instructions carefully as some fabrics may respond badly to home laundering techniques – even if you use a colour safe bleach product!

Factors to Consider When Choosing Color Safe Bleach

When selecting a color safe bleach, there are several factors to consider. It’s important to choose one that is safe to use on all colors while still being able to effectively clean and brighten clothes. Here are some of the key factors you should consider when selecting a color safe bleach:

  • Appropriate concentration: Bleach concentrations range from 0% to 10%. Look for a bleach that is the appropriate concentration for your needs – too much or too little can cause damage.
  • Active Ingredients: Color-safe bleaches contain various active ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide, sodium carbonate, surfactants, and others. Understand how each of these ingredients work so you can choose one that is most effective for your laundering needs.
  • pH Level: Color-safe bleaches come in different pH levels which determine their strength and whitening power. Consider the level of whitening power you desire before choosing a product.
  • Formulations: It’s important to select a color-safe bleach with non-toxic formulations that won’t harm the environment or cause skin irritation if you have sensitive skin or allergies. Some available options include chlorine alternatives and oxygen based dyes.
  • Amount needed: Several types of color safe bleaches are available in reasonable sizes that last long even after regular use. However, if you buy in bulk be sure to check expiration dates carefully before purchasing.

Top Color Safe Bleach Products in 2023

As an increasing number of people have become aware of the potential chemical damage from traditional bleaching products, more and more consumers have looked to find color-safe alternatives. Color safety is becoming the industry norm and modern technology has driven consumer expectations for better, brighter results. Then there are other considerations beyond just purchasing bleach that can help get the most out of a bleach’s potential.

In this guide we’ll cover what you need to know to identify a great color-safe bleach and how best to use it. We’ll also review our top 5 recommended products, including what makes them stand out from their competitors. Our picks will provide you with options that fit both your budget and performance requirements so you can feel confident in the bleach you choose.

The five products we will review in this guide are:

  1. Clorox Ultimate Care Color Safe Bleach
  2. Seventh Generation Free & Clear Bleach
  3. Eco-Me Natural Bleach
  4. Biokleen Natural Color Safe Bleach Plus Stain Remover
  5. Defunkify Active Wash Laundry Detergent Powder with OxiClean Stain Remove


To conclude, color safe bleaches are an excellent choice for keeping your clothes bright and vibrant without worrying about fading or discoloration. The best color safe bleach will depend on your personal preference, budget, and the type of clothing you need to clean. Consider the factors mentioned in this guide to help you make the best decision for your needs.

For example, if you are looking for a product that is both economically-friendly and safe for colors, a sodium percarbonate-based bleach might be the ideal choice for you. On the other hand, if you need a more concentrated option but still want effective results for fabrics with delicate colors, oxygen-based bleaches are probably your best bet.

No matter what kind of product you choose, make sure it is designed especially for color-safe washing and has been tested and approved by professional cleaners or fiber experts before Buying it.


Which color safe bleach is best?

The best color safe bleach would depend on personal preference and the specific application. Some popular options are Clorox 2 and Tide Plus Downy.

What bleach doesn t ruin colors?

Color-safe bleach, also known as oxygen bleach, is designed to not ruin colors in clothes.

Is color safe bleach really safe on colors?

Color safe bleach is generally considered safe on colors but it’s always best to test a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure it won’t cause discoloration.

Is color safe bleach as good as regular bleach?

It is not as strong as regular bleach and may not produce the same level of whitening and brightening.

Which bleach is best for clothes?

The best bleach for clothes depends on the specific needs and desired outcomes. Both regular and color-safe bleach have their benefits and drawbacks.

Can I use color safe bleach on black clothes?

It is generally safe to use color-safe bleach on black clothes, but again, it is best to test a small, inconspicuous area first.

What is a safer alternative to bleach?

A safer alternative to bleach could be vinegar or lemon juice.

Are there safer alternatives to bleach?

Yes, there are safer alternatives to bleach including hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and lemon juice.

Why is bleach not recommended?

Bleach is not recommended due to its harsh and potentially damaging effects on both clothing and skin. It can also release harmful fumes if not used properly.

Is OxiClean the same as color safe bleach?

OxiClean is a type of oxygen bleach, similar to color-safe bleach, but it is a separate product and may have different formulas and results.


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