Best grass shears 2023

Ah, summertime. Long days spent in the sun, picnics in the park, and of course… lawn care. Whether you’re a green thumb or just trying to get your garden in order, having the proper grass shears is essential for proper grooming. But with so many options available, how do you choose? Don’t worry- we’ve got you covered! In this blog post, you’ll find everything you need to know about the best.

Best grass shears 2023

  1. Fiskars Grass Shears (Editor’s Pick)
  2. Fiskars 92146964J Garden Shear (Best Overall)
  3. Q-yard QY-741F Grass Shear (Budget Friendly)
  4. Fiskars Rotating Grass Shears
  5. Kings County Tools Grass Shears
  6. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Grass Shear
  7. Corona GS 6750D Grass Shear

1) Fiskars Grass Shears

Best grass shears

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Fiskars Grass Shears cut grass and foliage easily with their sharp blades. These shears give unmatched precision for tidying garden bed margins, cleaning paths, and shaping delicate borders. Fiskars Grass Shears make it easy to reach hard-to-reach regions without a lawn mower.

Ergonomics Excellence

Although gardening is laborious, Fiskars wants to make it easier. Ergonomic handles keep your hands comfortable with long use of these shears. The comfortable grip lets you work precision, giving your landscape a professional look.

Good for the Environment

Fiskars Grass Shears are eco-friendly in an eco-conscious era. Choose these hand-held tools over gas-guzzling lawn mowers to reduce your carbon footprint. Small changes make significant differences in environmental protection.

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Improve Your Gardening Experience


The user-friendliness of Fiskars Grass Shears is notable. These shears are lightweight and easy to use, unlike heavy gear. Both experienced and novice gardeners will find these shears intuitive and efficient.

Time and Energy Savings

No more wrestling with a big lawn mower for modest touch-ups. Fiskars Grass Shears make gardening easy and fast. Focus less on yard work and more on garden beauty.

Precision Unmatched

Fiskars Grass Shears are unmatched for clean, accurate cuts. Their fine blades make precise snips, leaving your lawn pristine. You’ll design and sculpt your terrain completely.

Time-saving garden equipment, precise garden shears, and user-friendly items


Precision and usability are key in gardening. Fiskars Grass Shears are essential for gardeners since they follow these principles. These shears will change your outdoor maintenance, whether you’re a landscaper or a casual gardener.

Choose hand-held Fiskars Grass Shears over noisy, gas-powered ones for environmental sustainability. Experience the satisfaction of easily and precisely manicured gardens. Use Fiskars Grass Shears to improve your gardening game and watch your outdoor refuge thrive.

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2) Fiskars 92146964J Garden Shear

Best grass shears

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As your garden groomer, the Fiskars 92146964J Garden Shear is reliable. Two razor-sharp blades provide this tool unsurpassed precision in plant cutting and pruning. This shear delicately handles delicate stems, luscious leaves, and untamed branches, making your garden a thing of art.

Manufacturer Unveiling

The Fiskars 92146964J Garden Shear is made by the famed Finnish garden and household equipment maker. Fiskars has created high-quality garden shears for decades, and this one is no exception.

Why Fiskars 92146964J Garden Shear?

Redefining Precision

Fiskars 92146964J Garden Shears are designed for precise gardening. Each cut is clean and accurate because to its two blades’ excellence. Fiskars eliminates ragged edges and uneven cuts, giving your garden a clean look.

Durability for Seasons

Gardeners should buy good tools, and Fiskars knows this. The 92146964J Garden Shear is made of durable materials. This gadget is a buddy for many gardening seasons.

Ergonomics Comfort

Gardening can be laborious, thus Fiskars prioritizes user comfort. The ergonomic 92146964J Garden Shear provides a pleasant grip and reduces strain. Now you can plant without hand tiredness.

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Excellence in gardening makes a basic garden a masterpiece. Its precision, durability, and ergonomic design make the Fiskars 92146964J Garden Shear exceptional. When you buy this Finnish beauty, you’re upgrading your gardening experience. The Fiskars 92146964J Garden Shear combines precision and passion for garden excellence. Nothing less for your garden.

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3) Q-yard QY-741F Grass Shear

Best grass shears

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When trimming and shaping, blade length counts. The 7.5-inch blade of the QY-741F lets you precisely cut grass and shrubs. Instead of uneven edges, enjoy a manicured garden.

 Two-Action Cutting

Any horticultural project needs efficiency. The QY-741F’s dual-action cutting system simplifies trimming. This sophisticated technology doubles the effectiveness of each run across your grass or shrubs, saving you time and work.

 Cordless Technology

Stop worrying about tangled connections or mobility. You can freely move around your yard with the cordless QY-741F. It’s time to improve your gardens.

 Long-Lasting Lithium-Ion Battery

Mid-trim power outage worries? QY-741F’s lithium-ion battery covers you. You can garden uninterrupted with a long battery life. Stop recharging.

 Handle Adjustment and Lightweight Construction

Garden tools should be comfortable. An adjustable handle lets you tailor the QY-741F. The lightweight design prevents fatigue during continuous use. Never before has gardening been so easy.

 Safety Lock

A QY-741F reduces the likelihood of accidents. This tool’s safety lock prevents inadvertent activation. We prioritize your safety.

 Whole Package

QY-741F investors get more than shear. With its charging adaptor, your tool is always ready. An included grass comb attachment makes it even easier to maintain a perfect lawn.


Upgrade your gardening with the Q-yard QY-741F Grass Shear. Garden enthusiasts need it for its cutting-edge 7.5-inch blade length, dual-action cutting system, cordless design, long-lasting lithium-ion battery, adjustable handle, safety lock mechanism, and included accessories. Forget about typical lawn equipment and enjoy effortless, accurate yard upkeep. QY-741F makes your garden the envy of the neighborhood.

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4) Fiskars Rotating Grass Shears

Best grass shears

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The 360-degree spinning head of Fiskars spinning Grass Shears is notable. This clever design lets you easily change the cutting angle. These shears can trim flower bed margins, reach under low-hanging branches, and navigate tight corners. Fiskars Rotating Grass Shears make trimming easy and eliminate uncomfortable body positions and strained muscles.

Simple: Gardening Made Simple gardening should be fun, not exhausting. Fiskars knows this, so they made these shears easy to use. The ergonomic handle reduces hand fatigue during prolonged use. Their straightforward design lets even beginner gardeners attain professional results. Start altering your outside space with Fiskars Rotating Grass Shears without complicated setup or care.

Precision Cutting: Beautiful Landscaping

These shears are unmatched for landscaping precision. The sharp blades of Fiskars Rotating Grass Shears ensure clean, precise cuts. These shears can precisely shape attractive grasses and cut delicate flowers to enhance your yard.

Multipurpose: Beyond Grass

Fiskars Rotating Grass Shears can cut a variety of plants, despite their name. Shears that trim hedges, shape shrubs, and manage ground cover plants are a gardening multitasker. Their versatility makes them essential gardening and landscape companions.

Strong: Built to Last

Gardeners and landscapers should buy good tools. The Fiskars Rotating Grass Shears are designed for outdoor use. These shears are made of robust materials to last season after season, making them a trusted gardening partner.

Fiskars Rotating Grass Shears are more than garden tools—they provide precision, convenience, and efficiency in landscaping and gardening. Their 360-degree rotating head, ease of use, accuracy cutting, adaptability, and durability make them the best choice for outdoor area enhancement. Fiskars Rotating Grass Shears reduce the hassle of hard-to-reach regions and improve gardening. Your garden will appreciate it.

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5) Kings County Tools Grass Shears

Best grass shears

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The precision of Kings County Tools Grass Shears is notable. The shears’ precisely curved blades ensure precise and tidy cuts every time. When sculpting garden margins or grooming a lawn, these shears are your reliable partner for a finished look.

Strong Stainless Steel Construction

Choosing gardening tools requires durability, and Kings County Tools Grass Shears are durable. High-quality stainless steel makes these shears durable. Even in humid or rainy situations, stainless steel resists rust and lasts. These shears are made to last, so you won’t need to replace them often.

Flexibility for All Gardening Needs

Perfect for Lawn Care

The correct tools are needed for a beautiful lawn. Kings County Tools Grass Shears are designed for grass care. These shears let you effortlessly trim overgrown edges, produce crisp lines, and detail.

Ideal for shaping little plants

Kings County Tools Grass Shears color your garden. These shears are great for shaping and pruning tiny plants as well as lawns. These shears can mould ornamental shrubs, hedges, and grasses into beautiful works of art.

Why Use Kings County Tools Grass Shears?

Superb Precision

The ergonomic form of these shears makes them easy to grip and use. Kings County Tools Grass Shears’ accuracy and control make difficult tasks easy.

Built to Last

Quality gardening tools are an investment in your future. You can trust these shears to stay sharp and perform well for years.

Realize Professional Results

Kings County Tools Grass Shears improve gardening for beginners and experts. Compete with experienced landscapers and make your outside space proud.


Detail matters in gardening and landscaping. Kings County Tools Grass Shears are precise and durable, keeping your garden and lawn perfect year-round. Replace mediocre tools with the best in the market for convenience and happiness. Improve your gardening with Kings County Tools Grass Shears and watch your outside spaces thrive.

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6) Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Grass Shear

Best grass shears

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A highlight of the Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Grass Shear is its lightweight construction. This ergonomic masterpiece allows you to gracefully navigate even the most difficult terrain. The lightweight design lets you operate for long periods without weariness, whether you’re sculpting garden margins or pruning small bushes.

Immaculate Cuts with Precision Blades

The Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Grass Shear gives your grass and plants that perfect look with precision. To shape grass and small bushes perfectly, its precision blades cut accurately. No more uneven cuttings or jagged edges—this tool gives your garden professionalism and care.

Ergonomic Handle for Unmatched Comfort

Comfort is key while optimizing your outdoor space. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Grass Shear has an ergonomic grip since it knows this. This ergonomic handle reduces hand and wrist strain. Leave hand weariness behind and enjoy gardening seamlessly.

Cordless operation: mobility and convenience

Tethering to an outlet or fighting extension cables are over. The cordless Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Grass Shear is convenient. This means you can freely roam your garden or environment. Unrestricted mobility without cords or limits.

Adjustable Cutting Length: Customized

Every garden and landscape is different, and the Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Grass Shear knows it. Its adjustable cutting length lets you customize pruning and shape for your outside environment. This tool adjusts to your vision, whether you want a short, manicured style or something wilder.

Rechargeable Battery: Green Power

With its rechargeable battery, the Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Grass Shear is environmentally friendly. This eco-friendly option saves money on throwaway batteries and helps the environment. Enjoy this tool’s power and performance while decreasing your environmental impact.

Finally, the Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Grass Shear is a game-changer in gardening. Its lightweight design, precision blades, ergonomic handle, cordless operation, adjustable cutting length, and rechargeable battery make it a flexible outdoor space enhancer. With the Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Grass Shear, go beyond ordinary.

Now is the time to create a beautiful garden or landscape. Try the Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Grass Shear and improve your gardening game.

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7) Corona GS 6750D Grass Shear

Best grass shears

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The precision-ground, curved blade of the Corona GS 6750D Grass Shear is notable. Every cut with this blade design is clean and crisp, leaving your grass spotless. Whether pruning edges or shaping shrubs, this shear produces flawless results.

Low-weight maneuverability

Landscapers often tire of carrying heavy equipment. The Corona GS 6750D simplifies your life, thankfully. With its lightweight design, gardening will be easy. Eliminate tiredness and boost efficiency.

Extended-use Ergonomic Design

The Corona GS 6750D is comfortable, as any landscaping equipment should be. An ergonomic grip fits snugly in your hand for long-term use without pain. Get rid of hand cramps and muscle pain.

Durability meets versatility

The Corona GS 6750D Grass Shear is durable and finesse-driven. It can survive expert landscaping due to its sturdy build. This shear will last for years, whether you’re a pro or a weekend warrior.

Good for Many Uses

This tool isn’t just for grass. It’s ideal for intricate gardeners and landscapers because it trims and shapes microscopic foliage. Corona GS 6750D can create topiaries and maintain flower gardens.

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In conclusion, the Corona GS 6750D Grass Shear is your key to a stunning lawn and garden. Precision, durability, and versatility make it essential for homes and professional landscapers. This shear will effortlessly improve your landscaping game, making your outdoor space the envy of the neighborhood. The Corona GS 6750D Grass Shear eliminates harsh cuts and leaves a beautiful lawn.

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Best grass shears 2023-Complete Buying Guide

Grass shears, also known as grass edgers or trimmers, are a great tool for making sure your lawn looks neat and well-manicured. Grass shears work by cutting the grass blades along the edges of where you walk or drive, and around flower beds, trees and other objects in your yard. They can also be used for preparing planting beds, trimming hedges and shaping shrubs. If a property has a lot of these objects that need precise trimming, or if you have an extensive yard to groom, then electric or gas-powered grass shears may be the best option.

Electric grass shears use electric power to cut long blades of grass quickly and easily along straight lines while being relatively light weight. They are ideal for tidying up gardens with extensive areas covered in lawn or hard surfaces such as concrete paths or driveways without having to dig into the ground with other tools like hedge trimmers or trenching equipment. Electric grass shear blades range from 10” up to 24” depending on the size of job you plan on tackling.

Gas powered grasses are generally heavier than their electric counterparts but more powerful to maintain more established lawns due to their higher torque engines lasting longer over time than electric models when continuously used for an extended period of time although in most instances a home gardener is unlikely to ever require this amount of power unless they were maintaining a large commercial lawn area such as that associated with a University sports field maintenance team effort which many home gardener will never encounter during typical home landscape maintenance tasks. Gas powered shear blades commonly range from 10” up to 38” sizes allowing even more comprehensive coverage over larger areas faster than even larger electric models could achieve cost effectively when large quantities must be cut rapidly such as maintaining sports field turf care requirements under professional oversight where quality finishes must be completed with maximum efficiency.

Types of Grass Shears

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When shopping for grass shears, it is important to understand some of the differences between the various types in order to make the best purchase. There are a few basic categories to consider, and each one has unique features that may be suitable for different types of tasks.

  • Manual grass shears are the simplest and most affordable type. The blades use a simple lever mechanism that is operated with the hands, cutting down weeds and grass with ease. These tools can work in tight spaces, where electric or power shears may be too cumbersome.
  • Electric grass shears are powered by a motor that runs off electricity and makes maneuvering around more challenging areas much easier than manual tools. Their blades glide through tougher vegetation quickly with minimal effort from operator, though they can sometimes be bulky and more expensive than manual models.
  • Cordless grass shears provide convenience by eliminating the need for an electrical cord; they run on rechargeable batteries instead. This type offers maximum mobility, but their battery life may limit how long you can use them before recharging or replacing batteries is required.
  • Power Grass Shears offer an economical option for larger gardens or yards by using motorized blades to trim tall weeds or long grasses in just one pass without substituting quality of cut. Most power shears have adjustable settings to make cutting easier, although operation requires a little more skill than a regular electric and cordless ones do because of their increased power output capacity.

Factors to Consider When Buying Grass Shears

When it comes to selecting the perfect grass shears for your needs, there are a few factors that you need to take into consideration. From blade material and length, to handle type and coatings, you’ll need to do some research before making your decision. Before delving into each of these details, here’s a quick guide for understanding which kind of grass shear is best suited for your needs.

  • Blade Material: Grass shears are available with stainless steel blades and hardened steel blades. Stainless steel blades are highly durable, but they tend to be more expensive than their hardened steel counterparts. The blade material you choose will depend on your budget and how much wear and tear it will experience during use.
  • Blade Length: The length of the blade is important because it affects how easily you can maneuver the grass shears around tight spaces or awkward angles in order to get the job done. Generally, longer blades make it easier to trim hedges or other areas around pathways where precision is necessary.
  • Handle Type: Some grass shears have comfortable ergonomic handles that make them easy to maneuver while cutting away at foliage in tight spots or hard-to-reach places, while other models have handles that resemble traditional scissors. The handle type should be selected based on comfort preferences as well as the type of project being completed.
  • Coatings: Many grass shears come with non-stick coatings that help ensure smooth and precise cutting action without having maintenance worries due coated parts rusting over time – so this can be a great feature when searching for one that’s right for you! Additionally, some models also come with rubberized grips so their users can enjoy better control when operating them too!

Benefits of Using Grass Shears

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Grass shears are a type of garden and landscaping tool designed for cutting grass, shrubs, and edges along landscape beds. They offer a range of benefits compared to other tools such as mowers or trimmers. These benefits include greater accuracy, convenience and improved safety.

Using grass shears provides the most accurate cut possible to the intended shape while avoiding damage to nearby plants. This makes it ideal for any decorative landscaping around pool areas, gardens or pathways. Furthermore, grass shears can be used in smaller spaces that would not be accessible by machinery and allow an even more precise trim along flowerbeds or the base of trees.

The lightweight nature of grass shears makes them effortless to use for long periods of time without causing fatigue; making them suitable for applications around both large and small gardens with no compromise in quality or accuracy.

The blades on grass shears often have a dull finish which decreases the chances of an accidental injury while also making it easier to maneuver around tight corners that create difficulty when using a blade with too sharp an edge.

Top 10 Best Grass Shears in 2023

Gardening enthusiasts need the right tools to maintain the beauty of their garden. Grass shears are essential tools for lawn care and these are the top 10 best grass shears in 2023:

  1. Fiskars 28 inch Power-Lever Grass Shears – This is one of Fiskar’s most popular products and offers superior performance with its power lever technology. It is designed with a corrosion-resistant steel blade that moves smoothly and easily along the ground, cutting grass even at difficult angles.
  2. Gardena 8885-U 3-Inch Cordless Grass Shear – This is an excellent choice for cordless convenience with its rechargeable lithium ion battery that will get you up to 30 minutes of cutting time on a single charge. The ergonomic handle helps make this shear comfortable and easy to use.
  3. Greenworks G-MAX Corded Grass Shear – This corded unit offers maximum performance and longer runtime thanks to its advanced Brushless Technology motor that runs efficiently to maximize energy consumption and save costs over time. With its 3″ blades, it can easily handle trimming around fences, posts and other obstacles in your yard.
  4. Sun Joe 20V Lithium Ion Cordless 2-in1 Grass Shear/Shrub Trimmer Combo Kit – This 2-in-1 shear/trimmer combo kit offers great versatility with both a grass shear for light trimming jobs around your yard, as well as a shrub trimmer for heavier duty projects like trimming bushes or tree branches up to .75 inches thick. The telescoping shaft adjusts from 34″ – 41″ long for added reach when needed, making this a great option for hard-to-reach spots around your landscaping!
  5. BLACK+DECKER 3 Ah Cordless Grass Shearer – This low maintenance cordless tool runs on an advanced 18V Lithium battery that provides ample power to get through all your smaller trimming jobs easily while taking virtually no time off between charges due to its quick 30 minute recharge period.. Its tri edge design cuts quickly while controlling buzzing vibrations so you don’t fatigue while using this convenient machine all day long!
  6. Worx WG896 12 Amp Electric Lawn Edger & Trencher – Offering more evenly cut edges along walkways or gardens by separating them from your lawn, this 12 Amp electric edger/trencher combination packs quite a powerful punch! Capable of cutting through soil up to 4″ deep and 6” thick, it can help you create neat paths in no time!
  7. Great Working 8 inch Hand Held Multi Tool Set w/ Bonus Edging Towel – Featuring 8 different attachments including clippers, grass shears & edger knives along w/ 4 different blades & blades guards this set gives you plenty of options when it comes down trimming those difficult spots around your landscape without hassle! Plus, it comes complete with build in blade sharpeners and storage system so you always have sharpened tools ready when needed plus added convenience when not in use!
  8. Edward Tools 14 inch Lightweight Long Handled Nipper Anvil Grass Cutters – With these lightweight nipper anvil grass cutters from Edward Tools you can now have precise control over even the smallest of weeds & flowers around your home with minimal effort due their wide 14″ handles which allow greater reach! They also feature steel blades with protective coating on them giving assurance that these could last many years if properly taken care off..
  9. Nebo Tools Maxim Telescopic Hedge Shears – For those needing assistance reaching higher than normal places within their landscaping needs no further than Nebo’s complete pruning set which includes telescopic handled hedge shears capable upreaching places as far as 41″ away while also providing precise cuts on whatever is underneath due their strong sharp carbon steel blades! They are also lightweight making them easy to maneuver throughout any home garden project without worry about hand fatigue no matter how much is needed behind those handles!.
  10. BLACK+DECKER 16 inch Dual Action Electric Hedge Trim Tool – Delivering professional results quickly & effectively is easy using BLACK + DECKERS dual action electric hedge trimmer which features 1600 Watts worth strong enough force remove almost every extraneous leaf within seconds regardless what type of bush or tree one has whether evergreen or just regular old wild ones found near residential property lines alike!. Not only does it help quickly get rid refine landscape efficient manner but since it being electric doesn’t require any need gas oil refilling happy knowing cost friendly approach been taken here too!.

Features of the Top 10 Grass Shears

Before we dive into the buyer’s guide for the best grass shears in 2023, it is important to understand the features of the top 10 models on the market. For comparison, each of these models was equipped with similar features and tested by our team with a range of grass types.

  1. Blade Design – All 10 products featured adjustable blades, meaning they had various sizes and shapes designed to tackle different grass types and cutting needs.
  2. Ergonomic Handles – Each model featured non-slip, cushioned handles designed to provide comfort and strain relief while cutting.
  3. Safety Features – Every model included a locking switch that locked both handles in place when not being actively used, ensuring no accidental snipping occurred during storage or transport.
  4. Specialized Blades– For tougher areas like paths or edging, five of these models featured specialized vertical blades designed to cut up and down instead of across, further loosening thick turf without damaging plants or other objects located nearby.
  5. Weight & Balance – All products were tested for lightweight design and balanced feel in order to reduce uncomfortable vibrations while cutting for extended periods and ensure fatigue was kept at bay for long-term use.

Pros and Cons of the Top 10 Grass Shears

When it comes to selecting the best grass shear for your needs, there are numerous factors to consider such as size, material, and power. With that being said, the top 10 grass shears of 2021 – 2023 have been released and are worthy of your consideration. In this article, the pros and cons of each model will be discussed in detail.

First up is the most popular model on the market – The EGO Apollo Chain-cutter Brand Grass Shear Set. This model is battery powered and features a built-in chain saw function allowing for maximum cutting efficiency when it comes to trimming around trees or flowerbeds. The blades are made from carbon steel which makes them strong and durable while still being light-weight. Additionally, it has a large cutting capacity which makes it perfect for larger areas as well as more intricate cuts around delicate plants or shrubs. The downsides to this model include its relatively short battery life and lack of adjustable angles for precision cutting at any angle – but these drawbacks are mitigated by its performance in other areas.

The next model on our list is Dewalt’s Brushless String Trimmer & Edger Combo Kit which features a powerful brushless motor that offers superior torque when it comes to trimming stubborn weeds or wet grasses while still offering an incredibly lightweight design that doesn’t tire out your arms after long periods of use. Its dual action system with 13-inch pivoting head allows you to enjoy clean edges every time while also providing multiple speeds when needed for tougher jobs as well as 0° edging capabilities which make hard-to-reach places effortless to shape up neatly. On the downside, this model may require some extra maintenance given its brushless motor if you don’t take care of its parts properly which can affect its performance over time if not addressed appropriately.

The other 8 models listed include:

  • Landworks Electric Cordless MultiTask Battery Brush Cutter & Trimmer
  • BLACK+DECKER HT22 Hedge Trimmer
  • WORX WG896 12 Amp 7 1/4 Inch 2-in-1 Electric Lawn Edger
  • Greenworks 24V Cordless String Trimmer/Edger
  • VonHaus Corded Electric Strimmer/Trimmer/Edger 3 in 1
  • DEWALT DCST920P1 Brushless 20 V XR string Trimmer
  • BLACK+DECKER LHT321FF 20V MAX Lithium POWERCOMMAND Power CutterShear with Battery 2 Ah & Charger Kit
  • Generac 6662 3 100 MPH All Wheel Drive Blower Vacuum Mulcher
  • iON 100V Lithium 21″ Push Mower with Mulching Capabilities & LED Headlights Combo Set
  • Makita XRU08Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Corded/Cordless String Trimmer Kit

Each one offers unique features specific to each user’s preferences so be sure to read through their respective pros and cons properly before deciding what grass shear best fits your gardening needs!


In conclusion, grass shears are a convenient method for trimming the edges of lawns, gardens and hedges and can help to achieve a neat, clean aesthetic. When shopping for grass shears there are several things to consider – whether you want manual or electric grass shears, the power of the motor, the durability of blades and whether special features might be useful.

With this guide as your starting point and a closer look at any specific models you’re considering purchasing, you can make an informed choice about which grass shearing option will best fit your garden trimming needs in 2023.


Do grass shears work?

Yes, grass shears can be effective for trimming and shaping small lawns or areas of grass.

Why use grass shears?

Grass shears are used to trim and shape small lawns or areas of grass. They are helpful for reaching tight spaces or areas that a lawn mower cannot reach.

What is the difference between lawn shears and edging shears?

Lawn shears are used for trimming and shaping the entire lawn, while edging shears are designed specifically for creating sharp edges along sidewalks, driveways, and flowerbeds.

What tool do you use to trim grass?

A variety of tools can be used to trim grass, including lawn mowers, string trimmers, hedge trimmers, and grass shears.

How do professionals cut grass?

Professionals typically use gas-powered or electric lawn mowers to cut grass, and may also use string trimmers and hedge trimmers for edging and detail work.

What is best for cutting long grass?

A lawn mower is best for cutting long grass, as grass shears can become tedious and tiring for larger lawns.

Which are the best grass shears?

The best grass shears are dependent on personal preference and specific needs, but some popular brands include Fiskars, Felco, and Bosch.

What are the three types of shears?

The three types of shears are grass shears, hedge shears, and lopper shears.

What are the best grass edging shears?

The best grass edging shears are dependent on personal preference and specific needs, but some popular brands include Fiskars, Felco, and Bosch.

Can you sharpen grass shears?

Yes, grass shears can be sharpened with a file or sharpening stone to maintain their cutting efficiency.

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