Best push brooms 2023

Welcome to the best shopping guide for push brooms of 2023! Have you ever wondered why some homes seem to stay so neat and tidy? Well, it’s all in the broom. A good quality push broom can make all the difference when it comes to creating a sparkling and sanitary home. We’re here to help you find the perfect one for your needs so you can also achieve that level of cleanliness. Let’s get started!

Best push brooms 2023

  1. Genuine Joe 99652 Push Broom (Editor’s Pick)
  2. Tierra Garden RP40180 Broom (Best Overall)
  3. CLEANHOME Push Broom (Budget Friendly)
  4. Yocada Push Brush Broom 
  5. Belicheto Push Broom 
  6. Quickie Bulldozer Push Broom
  7. Eyliden Heavy Duty Push Broom

1) Genuine Joe 99652 Push Broom

Best push brooms

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The 100% brown fiber bristles of the Genuine Joe 99652 Push Broom make it durable. Strong and effective, their fibers easily sweep away dirt, dust, and debris. This push broom’s marked bristle type traps and removes tenacious dirt particles.

Dimensions and Construction

This 24-inch push broom covers huge areas fast and effectively. Its strong wood construction makes it durable enough for daily usage. It’s cost-effective for cleaning because you can rely on it for a long time.

Elegant and Functional Design

The Genuine Joe 99652 Push Broom looks and performs well. Modern design gives your cleaning routine a stylish edge and blends with any home decor. The hardwood handle is traditional and comfortable for easy handling.

Details on Product

Let’s examine this great cleaner. The 1.8-pound Genuine Joe 99652 Push Broom is 2.5 x 24 x 4.5 inches. This lightweight design lets you use it for long durations without straining your arms. Sustainable consumers might choose its wood handle because it is sturdy and eco-friendly.

Genuine Joe Quality

The Genuine Joe 99652 Push Broom, made in Sri Lanka, is of high quality. Its brown tint makes it ideal for cleaning hard floors in many contexts. This push broom can clean your garage, cellar, or outdoor regions.


Overall, the Genuine Joe 99652 Push Broom is a high-quality, durable cleaning implement. Anyone looking for a trustworthy cleaning solution should invest in its creative design and durable construction. This Genuine Joe push broom removes dirt and debris easily and improves your cleaning game.

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Genuine Joe 99652 Push Broom First Hand Review Video

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  1. Lightweight design at only 1.8 pounds, making it easy to maneuver and use for extended periods.
  2. Durable construction ensures long-lasting use.
  3. The flagged bristle type is highly effective in trapping dust and debris, resulting in efficient cleaning.
  4. The traditional wooden handle provides a comfortable and sturdy grip.
  5. Modern-style design can complement any home decor.



Is Discontinued By Manufacturer : No
Product Dimensions : 2.5 x 24 x 4.5 inches; 1.8 Pounds
Country of Origin : Sri Lanka
Brand Genuine Joe

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2) Tierra Garden RP40180 Broom

Best push brooms

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For kids who want to help with chores, the Tierra Garden RP40180 Broom is revolutionary. Child-friendliness and performance are its design priorities. The marked bristle type effortlessly gathers dirt, dust, and debris, keeping your home clean and orderly.

Style and Function

This Tierra Garden broom’s sleek design matches any home decor. Its 32 x 8 x 2 inches size and 0.85 pounds (13.6 ounces) weight make it user-friendly. The feather-light design helps kids clean while improving their skills.

Not Just for Kids

While the Tierra Garden RP40180 Broom is great for kids, it can also clean adults. The marked bristle kind cleans hard floors and other surfaces well. Durability means it will be a trusted cleaning companion for a long time, maximizing your investment.

The Tierra Garden RP40180 Broom is a versatile broom for toddlers and adults. Its lightweight build and cleverly designed highlighted bristle type make family cleaning fun and easy. This broom combines fun and function, so you won’t have to find separate cleaning items for your kids. Your ultimate cleaning buddy, the Tierra Garden RP40180 Broom, makes cleaning easy.

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Tierra Garden Rp40180 Broom First Hand Review Video

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  1. Lightweight design makes it easy to use and maneuver for kids and adults.
  2. Modern-style design can complement any home decor.
  3. Flagged bristle type effectively picks up dirt, dust, and debris, ensuring a clean and tidy home.
  4. Durable construction ensures long-lasting use.
  5. Ideal for teaching kids new skills and helping them develop a sense of responsibility.



specifications Brand: Tierra Garden
Brand Tierra Garden
Bristle Type Flagged Bristle
Item Dimensions LxWxH 32 x 8 x 2 inches

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3) CLEANHOME Push Broom

Best push brooms

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Cleaning big outdoor spaces or hard flooring indoors is best with the Cleanhome Push Broom. This CLEANHOME device has revolutionized cleaning efficiency with its revolutionary design and high performance.

Excellent Cleaning Coverage

Its enlarged broom head makes the Cleanhome Push Broom stand out. This broom covers well in one sweep, unlike smaller ones that need numerous sweeps. This speeds up cleaning, saving you time and effort.

Adjustable Length for Flexibility

The Cleanhome Push Broom cleans efficiently and is versatile. With a length of 50 or 65 inches, this broom can handle many cleaning duties. This broom is perfect for cleaning your yard, deck, or other outdoor places.

Strong and durable construction

A key feature of the Cleanhome Push Broom is durability. This precision-made broom can survive heavy use without losing efficacy. The Cleanhome Push Broom is a durable cleaning partner that won’t wear out quickly.

Cosmetic Appeal

Besides its great functionality, the Cleanhome Push Broom has a sleek, modern look that matches any home or office. Its 24-inch color makes it simple to find when duty calls and adds elegance to your cleaning supplies.

Specifications in Brief
Size: 24 x 3 x 65 inches
Short: 3.87 pounds
Ideal for Hard Floors
Hard floors including tile, hardwood, and laminate are best cleaned with the Cleanhome Push Broom. Flagged bristles capture dust and debris, leaving floors clean and dust-free.


In conclusion, the Cleanhome Push Broom revolutionizes cleanliness and tidiness. Its superior coverage, customizable length, durability, and aesthetics make it a top choice for homes and offices. Upgrade your cleaning routine with the Cleanhome Push Broom, the ultimate cleaning buddy.

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Cleanhome Push Broom First Hand Review Video

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  1. Flagged bristle type effectively traps dirt and debris, ensuring clean floors.
  2. Modern-style design can complement any home or office decor.
  3. Comes in a beautiful 24-inch color, making it easy to locate in your cleaning supplies.
  4. Durable construction ensures long-lasting use.
  5. Highly recommended for cleaning hard floors.



Color 24 Inches
Bristle Type Flagged Bristle
Surface Recommendation Hard Floor

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4) Yocada Push Brush Broom

Best push brooms

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The Yocada Push Brush Broom is essential for shining floors indoors. The telescoping handle easily reaches under furniture and into tight corners to catch every dust bunny. This broom is designed to move hardwood, tile, and laminate floors smoothly.

Taking on Nature

The Yocada Push Brush Broom tackles outdoor challenges. It tackles patios, decks, and driveways with its sturdy design. The durable bristles readily remove leaves, dirt, and debris, cleaning outdoor environments.

Engineer Excellence
Ergonomic Design

The Yocada Push Brush Broom is ergonomic and effective. Its ergonomic shape prevents fatigue during long cleaning sessions. The strong metal handle improves control and mobility with a comfortable grip.

Business-Sense Bristles

This broom’s unflagged bristles demonstrate its cleaning efficiency. It’s ideal for tough surfaces and tenacious grime, leaving them clean. The Yocada Push Brush Broom quickly removes stuck-on filth.


The Yocada Push Brush Broom is both functional and attractive. Its timeless wooden build integrates into any decor, bringing a touch of vintage beauty to your cleaning routine.

Finally, the Yocada Push Brush Broom solves all your cleaning problems. This cleaning powerhouse can handle dust bunnies indoors or outdoors. Its sturdy construction, ergonomic handle, and unflagged bristles make it essential for exceptional cleansing. Buy the Yocada Push Brush Broom to improve your cleaning game.

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Yocada Push Brush Broom First Hand Review Video

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  1. Ergonomic and heavy-duty style provides a comfortable and sturdy grip.
  2. Unflagged bristle type is ideal for sweeping rough surfaces and removing stubborn dirt and debris.
  3. Made of wood, providing a classic and traditional look.
  4. Highly recommended for cleaning floors, especially those with rough surfaces.
  5. Package dimensions of 16.77 x 4.69 x 3.86 inches make it easy to store in small spaces.



Brand Yocada
Color Yellow and Grey
Handle Material Metal
Bristle Type Unflagged Bristle

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5) Belicheto Push Broom

Best push brooms

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The Belicheto Push Broom cleans carpets, rooms, furniture, glass doors, and more. Its versatility makes it essential for environmental protection. High-quality stainless steel makes this broom strong, durable, and rust- and corrosion-resistant.

Extended Reach, Effective Cleaning

The Belicheto Push Broom, at 61.8 inches (157 cm), easily reaches high surfaces and hard-to-reach locations. Its large size allows it to clean large spaces in one pass, saving time and effort.

Ergonomic Design

Designed for comfort, the Belicheto Push Broom simplifies cleaning jobs like never before. It eliminates bending and struggling to lift large items. Even during long cleaning sessions, its lightweight design makes it easy to use.

Specialist in Carpet Cleaning

This red and silver Belicheto heavy-duty cleaning tool is a brand staple. The stainless steel broom handle ensures a firm grip.

Effective Debris and Cleaning

The Belicheto Push Broom’s unflagged bristles clean carpets well. Its unusual stainless steel, rubber, steel, and pet components make it a versatile cleaning buddy. Its heavy-duty design makes it easy to clean challenging jobs.

Ideal for Carpets

Belicheto Push Brooms are the best for cleaning carpets. Its 17.72 x 4.53 x 3.39-inch size makes storage easy, especially in small locations. Only 2.24 pounds, its lightweight form makes it easy to handle and maneuver.

In conclusion, the Belicheto Push Broom is the best carpet cleaner for a flawless atmosphere. Remove grime and debris with this multipurpose, effective cleaning partner.

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Belicheto Push Broom First Hand Review Video

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  1. Heavy-duty style ensures that it can handle tough cleaning tasks.
  2. Unflagged bristle type efficiently removes dirt and debris from carpets.
  3. Made of a combination of stainless steel, rubber, steel, and pet, making it a versatile cleaning tool.
  4. Package dimensions make it easy to store in small spaces.
  5. Lightweight design at only 2.24 pounds, making it easy to use and maneuver.



Brand Belicheto
Color Red, Silver
Handle Material Stainless Steel
Bristle Type Unflagged Bristle

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6) Quickie Bulldozer Push Broom

Best push brooms

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Performance is optimized in the Quickie Bulldozer Push Broom. Its 18-inch broom head is made of strong fibers to last. This broom can handle dirt, trash, and tough things. Get rid of ineffective cleaning tools with the Quickie Bulldozer.

Move Easily

The swivel element of this cleaning champion makes it easy to operate in confined places. The swivel hang-up and 60-inch wood handle make it easy to store. The handle’s wood-and-alloy steel mix provides a secure grip for cleaning.

Excellent Dirt Removal

The Quickie Bulldozer Push Broom’s marked bristles capture dirt and debris well. The built-in scraper on the broom block makes even the toughest filth easy to remove. Your hard floors will appreciate the dust-free finish.

Trusted Brand

This amazing push broom is Quickie-branded. Quickie’s cleaning gadgets are legendary. The broom’s green hue and scraper show its design and functionality.

Mind Peace

The Quickie Bulldozer Push Broom has a 5-year warranty. This warranty guarantees the product’s durability and peace of mind. A durable cleaning buddy is your investment.

In conclusion, the Quickie Bulldozer Push Broom is ideal for cleaning large areas quickly and effectively. Don’t use poor cleaning tools when this product can improve your routine. Join the happy people who have seen the Quickie Bulldozer Push Broom change clean and tidy spaces. Choose the Quickie Bulldozer for cleaning perfection.

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Quickie Bulldozer Push Broom First Hand Review Video

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  1. 60-inch wood handle with swivel hang-up feature makes it easy to store when not in use.
  2. Flagged bristle type is highly effective in trapping dirt and debris.
  3. Scraper built into the broom block makes it easy to remove stubborn dirt and debris.
  4. Comes with a 5-year limited warranty, providing peace of mind and ensuring durability.
  5. Highly recommended for cleaning hard floors in garages, basements, and on sidewalks.



specifications For use in garages, basements and on sidewalks
specifications 60-inch wood handle with swivel hang-up feature
specifications 15/16-inch diameter handle
specifications Scraper built into the broom block

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7) Eyliden Heavy Duty Push Broom

Best push brooms

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The ergonomic Eyliden Heavy Duty Push Broom stands out. The handle and bristles are seamlessly connected for pleasant use and long-lasting cleaning. Avoid the fatigue of outdoor cleaning.

Angled Bristles for Precision Cleaning

The 45° bristle angle of this push broom is a highlight. This design cleans paths, driveways, workshops, garages, and more precisely and efficiently. Every corner and crevice will be cleaned, giving a flawless result.

Durability Guaranteed

The Eyliden Heavy Duty Push Broom is durable and made of high-quality materials. Its strong structure ensures durability in harsh outdoor situations. This broom can help you clean outdoors for years.

Quick Handling and Cleanup

Efficiency drives this cleaning instrument. The easy-to-use Eyliden Heavy Duty Push Broom sweeps dirt, debris, and other unpleasant things from broad surfaces. This quick and easy outdoor cleaning has never been possible.

A Multipurpose Cleaning Aid

This multifunctional broom has several uses. The Eyliden Heavy Duty Push Broom is ideal for business and residential cleaning. Its versatility maximizes cleaning tool usefulness.

Guaranteed Warranty and Security

Finally, the Eyliden Heavy Duty Push Broom has a strong warranty to provide users piece of mind. For outdoor cleaning, this high-quality solution is a great choice.

Finally, the Eyliden Heavy Duty Push Broom solves your outdoor cleaning problems. Its ergonomic design, precision cleaning, and unrivaled longevity demonstrate quality. This push broom works well for homeowners and businesses alike. Outdoor cleaning is easy and effective with the Eyliden Heavy Duty Push Broom, the best option.

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Eyliden Heavy Duty Push Broom First Hand Review Video

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  1. Flagged bristle type efficiently traps dirt and debris.
  2. Heavy-duty broom feature ensures that it can handle tough cleaning tasks.
  3. Made of a combination of plastic and metal, providing a durable and sturdy construction.
  4. Highly recommended for cleaning floors in commercial settings.
  5. Package dimensions make it easy to store in small spaces.



Brand Eyliden
Color Green
Bristle Type Flagged Bristle
Special Feature Heavy Duty Broom

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Best push brooms 2023-Complete Buying Guide

When it comes to cleaning up large messes, push brooms can be a great help. Push brooms come in a range of sizes and styles so you can easily find one that meets your needs. To make sure that you purchase the best push broom for your situation, there are several features you should consider. In this buying guide, we will discuss the most important features to consider when shopping for a push broom, as well as provide a few of our recommendations at the end.

From materials and construction to handle type and length, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know to choose the best push broom for your needs in 2021. Along the way we’ll explain why these features are important so that you can make an informed decision when selecting your new broom or brush.

By the end of this buying guide, you will have all of the information necessary to make an informed purchase decision and purchase the perfect push broom for your needs. Let’s get started right away!

Benefits of a Push Broom

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Push brooms are essential cleaning tools that can help you effectively sweep and collect dirt and debris. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, making them suitable for use with different types of surfaces. Here are some of the key benefits of investing in a good quality push broom:

  1. Sweeps more thoroughly: Push brooms provide superior coverage when it comes to sweeping floors and other large surfaces. With their long bristles and wide surface area, they can reach into tight crevices or awkward corners, making quick work of debris removal.
  2. Durable construction: A quality push broom is built to last for years with the proper care and maintenance. The frames are usually made from sturdy aluminum or steel, while the bristles may be natural or synthetic to withstand daily wear-and-tear without becoming worn out too quickly.
  3. Versatile design: Most push brooms come with angled heads that make it easier to maneuver around tight corners or furniture pieces without compromising on sweeping power or performance. Some models also feature adjustable handles that let you customize the broom according to your height or movement needs while working comfortably at an optimal angle.
  4. Easy to store: Push brooms don’t take up much space, so they can easily be stored in closets, cupboards, garages, etc., without getting in the way or creating clutter around the house. This makes them convenient solutions for those who like minimalistic organizing solutions as well as those who are short on storage space at home!

Types of Push Brooms

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Once you have decided that a push broom is the best tool for your sweeping needs, it’s time to learn about the various types available on the market. There are several distinct categories and each one offers various advantages and drawbacks depending on your specific use case.

  • Corn Broom: Corn brooms have been around for over a century and provide an old-fashioned way of cleaning. They consist of thick, natural fibers that won’t break down easily but can be difficult to maneuver in tight spots. These brooms are ideal for sweeping up large amounts of debris in open areas like workshops or patios.
  • Bristle Broom: A bristle broom is constructed with synthetic fibers bound tightly together with sturdy wire wraps. These fibers are excellent at collecting fine dust and other small particles, making them well suited for daily use on uneven surfaces such as sidewalks and patios.
  • Nylon Broom: Nylon brooms feature either plastic or metal handles along with stiff yet flexible bristles made from nylon fibers. The handle offers additional reach and control when pushing the broom forward. This type of broom is best used on smooth surfaces such as hardwood floors as the bristles can easily snag carpets or rugs.
  • Angle Broom: An angle broom consists of a large block of bristles connected to either a wooden or plastic handle at an angle (usually 60 degrees). This allows you to cover more area while pushing it forward since it sweeps in two directions—forward and back—at once. Angle brooms are perfect for picking up large amounts of debris in both open spaces and tight corners.
  • Push Sweeper: Push sweepers provide added convenience by allowing you to quickly move debris without having to bend down over it—perfect for those who struggle with back pain or lack mobility due to age or illness. These devices usually consist of an adjustable head attached directly onto a long handle and feature rotating brushes that can extend outward for maximum maneuverability.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Push Broom

There are a few factors to consider before committing to a purchase when looking for a push broom. The primary characteristics of any push broom are its size, bristles and handle.

  • Size: The ideal size of the broom will depend on its intended use. For basic weekly clean-ups, most homeowners should choose a normal-sized 14 inch or 18 inch brush head for indoor use. Larger sweepers such as 24 or 36 inch brushes are better suited for larger areas, like garages and commercial spaces.
  • Bristles: The bristles should be considered based on their type, stiffness and handling of debris. Soft natural fibers like Jute, horsehair and tampico fibers provide great dusting capabilities because they can be bent around corners easily but don�t pick up heavier debris well unless wet. Stiffer synthetic bristles made from nylon better at picking up heavier things but may cause damage to delicate surfaces or leave scratch marks if used improperly.
  • Handle: Wooden handles look great but can rust or rot over time due to exposure to water and humidity while plastic handles are more resistant to weathering with longer life spans but might not hold up as well against heavy use compared to metal handles which have strength and durability. Metal materials will eventually rust over time, however they don’t rot in humid climates like wood handles do… making them an overall best choice over wood or plastic handles! Finally, ergonomic designs ensure even weight distribution in the handle for easier maneuverability and sweeping comfort.

Top Push Broom Features

When it comes to choosing the best push broom for your floor cleaning needs, there are several features you’ll want to consider. To help you select the best broom for your home or business, let’s review a few key features:

  • Brush Type: The bristle type of brush head can make a difference in how effective the broom is at picking up dirt. Natural, hard bristles are great for heavy debris and dust collection, while softer bristles can collect light debris and dust particles. Synthetic bristles offer effective capturing for both fine and heavy particles.
  • Handle Length: Handle length can range from 39-60 inches to fit different sizes of people. Longer handles also allow you to reach into corners with ease, while shorter handles provide more control during sweeping activities.
  • Handle Material: Choose between wood or metal handles depending on how much pressure you plan to use while sweeping up dirt and debris. Wood handles are lighter weight and typically cheaper than metal options, but metal ones tend to be more durable over time due to their weight capacity and shock resistance properties.
  • Angled Head: Brooms that have an angled head provide better accessibility and control when reaching into tight spaces and corners; ideal when cleaning crevices or corners along walls or stairwells.
  • Sweep Path Width: Sweeping path width is important based on what kind of surface area needs to be cleaned, as well as the type of debris being collected. Push brooms come in widths from 4 – 20” for maximum coverage area per push order to save time when cleaning larger floors or decks with large debris types like leaves or mulch pieces that need collecting up quickly but thoroughly.

Best Push Brooms of 2023

Including both indoor and outdoor sweepers, push brooms are an essential cleaning tool for any home. Push brooms are designed to collect dirt, pet hair, dust and other small particles with ease. Some even come with built-in squeegees that allow you to mop up liquid messes without needing a separate mop.

When choosing the right push broom for your needs, there are a few important aspects to consider:

  • What type of surface you’ll be sweeping on most often – from hardwood floors to concrete patios – as each type of surface will require a different bristle length and stiffness.
  • The broom’s width for maximum coverage during each pass.
  • The broom handle’s size and comfort level – look for one with an ergonomic handle design if you plan on using it often!
  • Features like built-in squeegees or angled bristle tips if you want something more than just a basic broom.

This complete buying guide will take you through all the things that need to be considered before making your purchase decision – covering features like covered vs uncovered bristles, handle materials and shapes, and storage options provided by many top pushbrooms on the market right now.


Coming to the end of this guide, we’ve seen a variety of different push brooms that offer different functions and features. In order to find the one that best suits your needs, start by considering your budget, sweeping surface requirements, and how much power you need for the job at hand.

Then, take into account the shape of the broomhead width and shape, in addition to its construction material whether plastic or metal. If you’re still having difficulty deciding, then be sure to check customer reviews since these can provide an accurate insight into how each broom handles particular tasks.

Lastly, look for a broom that offers maximum performance for your desired usage along with a reasonable price tag and a reliable warranty so you have peace of mind in knowing it will meet your expectations long-term:

  • Budget
  • Sweeping surface requirements
  • Power needs
  • Broomhead width and shape
  • Construction material (plastic or metal)
  • Customer reviews
  • Maximum performance
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Reliable warranty


Are push brooms better?

Push brooms can be better than other types of brooms, depending on the surface and task at hand. Push brooms are ideal for cleaning large, flat surfaces, and can be more efficient than other types of brooms.

What brooms are best?

The best brooms vary depending on the surface and task at hand. For outdoor surfaces, heavy-duty push brooms are often the best choice, while for indoor surfaces, corn brooms or sweep sets are often the best choice.

What is the best broom for smooth concrete?

The best broom for smooth concrete is a heavy-duty push broom with stiff bristles.

Which broom is best for tile floor?

The best broom for tile floor is a soft-bristled broom or a dust mop.

When should you not buy a broom?

You should not buy a broom if you already have one that is suitable for the task at hand. It is also important to consider the quality and durability of the broom before making a purchase.

What are the 2 types of broom?

The two types of brooms are push brooms and sweep brooms.

What brooms did Harry Potter use?

In the Harry Potter series, Harry and other characters used broomsticks for flying in the sport of Quidditch. These broomsticks were not typically used for cleaning.

Which broom is easier to use?

The ease of use of a broom varies depending on the type of broom, the surface being cleaned, and the individual using the broom. Push brooms can be easier to use for cleaning large, flat surfaces, while sweep brooms can be easier to use for cleaning smaller or irregular surfaces.

What works better than a broom?

For cleaning large surfaces, there are few tools that work better than a broom. For cleaning small or irregular surfaces, a vacuum cleaner or a dust mop may be more effective.

What is the best way to store brooms?

The best way to store brooms is in a dry, well-ventilated area, such as a broom closet or pantry. It is also important to hang brooms by the handle to prevent damage to the bristles.

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